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  1. I cant download the script howcome?
  2. Any one reccomend a good inventory setup for Dharok absorb potions? How many overloads+absorb pots? I just brang 3 overloads and 23 absorb pots and bot hasnt used much absorb pots at all when its flicking rapid heal so i have to little overloads.
  3. Mackan

    [Currently Sold out]

    [22:33:27] ` Bogla: What site did you find me on ? [22:33:42] Marcus: tribot [22:33:49] ` Bogla: Can you confirm your forum accoun t by posting here? (I will pm the forum user who talking with you on skype
  4. Its normal mode with some special quests in it,no demons or bouncers because they hit hard. You dont get the greatest xp, like 10-15k in each stat per hour. Yes i think the 6 hour autolog doesnt affect this,not 100% sure though.
  5. Mackan

    [Currently Sold out]

    Talking to you on skype right now
  6. Mackan

    [Currently Sold out]

    Looking to buy a bond right now. Added you on skype.
  7. lol are you insane? First off staking is NEVER guaranteed money even if its 60% your odds you can still get streaked for millions and billions. And secondly you need to make atleast 30m profit to go even off buying the script which can go either way, with your statement. Just no lol. Edit: And btw you do realise Pre Eoc there was a fully functional staking bot for 5$ for lifetime. Do you want to scare people away on purpose? Just because there is a CHANCE to gain money using this doesnt mean you do it, you could lose hundred of millions instead.
  8. This is really good... We should have statistic off all bans reported and see what spots are most heavly watched by their anti-botting software and mods doing manual bans.
  9. Start with the amount of gp that you can afford to lose. And its pretty low ban rate on this from my experience.
  10. Mackan


    Welcome Only used OSbot once when i looked for a granite miner that didnt excist on Tribot almost a year ago when i was making a zerker and it was a horrible experience, randoms didnt work and had to baby sit it all the time and 3 days later i got hacked l0l, what a coinciedence huh TriBot will always be #1 Oldschool bot out there.
  11. Mackan

    Kill Me Now

    They must of added it recently then. Back in december i alched to 94 on my pure using Games room, not a single random and always alched for atleast 10-15 hours straight.
  12. I havent been banned... Stop running wc bot's and you wont get banned 24/7 Also shouldnt ALL bans been discussed in the official ban thread? God why do people never learn lmao....
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