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  1. Because if you use a premium bot and 100 other people do the same thing as you do , it can create a pattern , witch jagex recognizes
  2. could u make a feature that it counts the points it needs to get to 500 , and then burns the logs and afks? Because sometimes i get 490 points and it tries to get another inv of logs .
  3. no im using the acbc2 eating , but it afks for too long like 2 minutes , and dies because of that , could you make it so i can adjust the reaction times?
  4. Im dying very frequenlty , could u make a failsafe if he dies , he goes to the bank and teleports back?
  5. can u please make a fail safe , if acb2 timer is longer than 1 hour , he leaves the wintertodt room , because im dying from it all the time
  6. The thing is i had above level 25 on all of the accounts , and i only ran the script for 1,5 hour on each but one witch i ran for 3 hours
  7. I bought the unlimited version yesterday tried running 14 accounts , half of them got banned after using the script for 1 hour with like 10 hunter , maybe I was unlucky tho , thats just my experience .
  8. i wonder when will he fix the problem because atm the bot is pretty much not usable
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