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  1. Updated tribot and it deleted every saved break. Fine tuned multiple is there any way to retrieve them? or am I going to start over?
  2. Not sure if I'm the only one struggling with success with this script. Every account I've ran thus far has been banned. I've been running it on the same break pattern and time schedule I run my fishing scripts and combat scripts and haven't run into a single ban on any of those yet. If anyone's have success fill me in?
  3. I'm having some issues with the login interface when running minnows. The script is trying to fish before clicking the "click here to play" box.
  4. Nvm figured it out. Was loading my gear configuration. Removed that and worked like a charm.
  5. Great script! just having some issues with configuring DH. any tips?
  6. If anyone else runs into this issue at falador roofs put zoom on this setting seems to have fixed the issue!
  7. just so you dont all think im crazy.. but like i said its still not working.
  8. debatable my clients are still clicking the advertisement. ill come back with 40+ runescape tabs on google chrome when ever i leave for a few hours and multiple are just sitting at login screen..
  9. Its either the proxies, scripts or breaking your using. Try breaking 20-40 min every hour and a half give or take and try running without proxies. If the bans still occur its the scripts your using.
  10. yeah sorry about using your script in the example but its every script i use if the client has that specific login page. About half of the accounts are getting it upon login and it seems like tribot is not detecting the login screen and skipping straight to running the script.
  11. Thought this issue was fixed. would be nice to get it figured out since many of us that pay for VIP-E cant efficiently bot without babysitting...
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