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  1. Complaining about to many updates..
  2. Alot of people expected it to rise @ summer, what you guys think is going on?
  3. MY DEAR BLACK CHINNERS PREPARE YOUR BUTTHOLES AS WEATH IS COMMING !! Source : https://twitter.com/JagexWeath/status/613299957676789760
  4. @daxmagex Bot dieing alot more then usual, sometimes i just see my bot stand their while a guy is attacking him. (Trying to logout or lay a trap, or other stuff it shouldnt do) Edit: Is it possible to blacklist W318 ? Its a BH/PK world, people simply can teleport to you.
  5. Had to stop cus client whas laggy Edit: 2Hour proggy when its calm at black chins, had to log for 3pkers only during this proggy. (To give ya all a idea)
  6. Mine is quite abit longer but i guess you look at the xp/rates. (I took 0 breaks tho ) The account i botted 28hours with is still not banned so for those who wonder about the banrates, their you go! (no LG used, just normal client)
  7. Can confirm 2), been unlucky that weath whas moderating in my world i suppose. The script is 100% functional for me tho, i ran it flawless and if their is a problem then Worthy will help/fix it asap ! Recommend this to anyone who looking to make some quick cash.
  8. Are u selling RS 3 or RS 07 GP : 07 Amount you want to sell : 30M What payment option : PayPal How did u contact me (Skype/Live Chat) : Skype
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