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  1. bandicam 2020-06-28 13-30-55-089.mp4 It keeps clicking on fishing spot over and over again. This was at fishing guild platforms fishing sharks.
  2. Whenever you fish at the north platform for shark at the fishing guild there is a very rare chance that it will click on a southern fishing spot then corrects itself back to the north platform while moving south. Also not a big deal but after it banks, it always return the the same exact spot before finding a fishing spot so maybe you can make it return to a random location on dock.
  3. I have done this with my 10hp hc from the start and I have not died. Currently 85 fm
  4. When using Runelite with LG, Runelite crashes while typing when the Block all user Input feature is enabled on the TriBot client. Anyone else getting this? I have tried with OSBuddy and it doesn't crash with Block all user Input enabled.
  5. While Fishing at Minnows I minimized the client and left. When I came back the bot did not move at all and was not fishing for Minnows. Is there a bug when the client is minimized the scripts doesn't work or is it the Script?
  6. When on the 2nd Duel screen it doesn't add money after other player added. Did set it up wrong? If I did what setting would I input so that there is no xing.
  7. Stopped using LG and got 2 of my account perm banned. ran for 2 houra day with 2hours and 30min break in between. idk if it was script or me not using lg. Can you add an option to disable pk ban list please.
  8. Everything is working fine without LG. Can you add an option to afk at bank every 30 minutes or so. Would be less bot like I think.
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