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  1. @Usa Ok I just spent ages trying to figure out why it happens. If you open the poll booth and then click on one of the active polls it won't realise it is open and will get stuck.
  2. Also is the reaction time meant to so large? e.g I got 20.2, 3.3, 10.9, 11.6 second reaction times in a row for waiting times of 8 seconds. @Usa I notice on your Green dragon script for instance that there is very little wait time after killing a dragon no where near 20 seconds even though the kill time will be much higher than what I'm doing.
  3. Can I call sleepReactionTime() straight after generateTrackers(endTimer - startTimer) for the same effect? Thanks btw
  4. Is this pseudo-code a correct implementation of ABC2 for combat? I've tried to understand it from the implementation thread guide and this is what I've produced. Thanks if (justEngagedNPC) { ABCProperties properties = abcUtil.getProperties(); properties.setWaitingTime(estimatedKillTime); properties.setInCombat(true); properties.setWaitingFixed(false); abcUtil.generateTrackers(); long waitingTime = Timing.currentTimeMillis(); while (fighting) { antiban(); } long timeWaited = Timing.currentTimeMillis() - waitingTime; ABCProperties properties = abcUtil.getProperties(); properties.setWaitingTime(timeWaited); properties.setInCombat(true); properties.setHovering(false); properties.setMenuOpen(false) properties.setWaitingFixed(false); abcUtil.sleep(abcUtil.generateReactionTime()); }
  5. Does the Tribot proxy system have a killswitch? So if the proxy loses connection it stops your ip getting leaked to jagex?
  6. parse the interface number at the bottom of the bank screen to see how many items should be loaded. then use Banking.getAll().length to see how many items have been loaded. wait until all have been loaded.
  7. Please can you add a poll booth fix urgently. I just saw it happen on its first bank attempt. Its dangerous to use the script when you never know if it could get stuck.
  8. The TriBot update has made Amulet of glorys getDefinition().getName() return "Toolkit". Edit: it returns the right name when the Equipment tab is open
  9. Are the WebWalking methods safe to use? specifically WebWalking.walkTo . Does it have randomization / antiban built in to it by default? Thanks
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