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  1. Been here since 2013 and Glad to see that things are still working
  2. Doesn't the text say anywhere like safe spot in the mountains or sht? I mean if it can just react to the text when it appears and move to that location?
  3. I have set it so it banks when it has 200k in inventory, right? But when it kills a rev and there's drop on the ground and pker comes it switches the world or logs out. But if the loot is on the ground why would it hop or teleport away? Imagine emblem on the ground
  4. Sometimes has loot on the ground next to him and jsut logs out, would actually love if it picked up cus u never know if it's emblem or no and banking anyway from 200k inv value
  5. I call it bullshit that it triggers something if you bot over 24hours straight. Let me give you my own exmaple (I have used all the different bots that are out not only tribot) Made 4 F2p accounts from my own home pc and ofc all of them same ip then use lesser demon killer or some shit to get magic lvl for telegrab and went to zammy fine grabbing run this for 2days straight no breaks every damn weekend for about a month then some of the accounts got banned but not all. (talking about these 4 still) Then I went to bot some frogs/rats in lumbridge and got myself ~60att,str and the
  6. But do you think you can add vigora's chainmace support beacause 80 att,99 str using elder maul is total trash tbh
  7. Got stuck here was just spamming switch world lmfao thought it's a pker apparently
  8. Why doesn't the grab gear detect vigora's chainmace image is null. item id is 3105
  9. combat level that can attack you and has light ballista, heavy ballista, ancient staff, mud staff = insta teleport
  10. Want a fast ban? POTATO PICKER low ban rate nmz
  11. I can't find anything related to the script in .tribot folder. How am I suppose to configure it so that I can mass create accounts?
  12. Hey lads I want to start a mass bot farm. Means im just suiciding like cowhides, fishing, wc and some low req shit but I really don't know what server to buy. For example I found HP Proliant DL580 G5/2 x Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® E7340/48Gb RAM/ 1 X 72Gb SAS/ and the price is 169€ Also there is IBM X3550/CPU: 2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5140 @ 1.86GHz/Ram 4Gb for the price of 79€ I really don't know how many bots they can run and if the price is right. I have unlimited money to spend. Looking to bot atleast 30 accounts minimum.
  13. tbh small risk. I have had tons of accounts banned with the same ip im playing right now, lul. In january - february I was botting f2p mass accounts with the same ip and now I can bot rock crabs and dmm without bans but not mass accounts. No bans so far 2 months smart botting exde
  14. I want to buy this in 21.04.2017 as of today but can any1 say if its working?!
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