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  1. I guess that is goodbye tribot... I think my zulrah helper script on another account is even gone lol.
  2. Thanks, So has my lifetime script already been converted into 1 year script and expired already? really sucky... an email should be sent, so i know I should bot over that time lol. Only botted two accounts =.= ....
  3. Hi all, Was botting in 2017, and stopped in 2018 because high school. Now I want to bot again, but i notice all my life-time purchase scripts are gone? Please help
  4. ur choice, I have a main that got 2 day perm and im botting with it xd.
  5. yo im interested, there are so many colby.mcdowell which one ?
  6. Dollarbill


    nice, gonna test it out;)
  7. i dont see difference in instance and LG:)
  8. damn! you got to test out this script, so lucky. Netami was never like this to me:(
  9. I use normal instance and never use LG cause my computer can't run it. I think you should get VIP-E since it has the human mouse movements, which really helps you evade.
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