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  1. I have same issue, I can't login in to client/repo with auth0 and I have used tribot a lot in the last year
  2. toxjq

    cant login

    @Fluffee any update on this? I still cant log into repo, I had 8$ in credits in my account
  3. I am on the same boat
  4. toxjq

    cant login

    I am able to login to the form, but I can't login to the script site.
  5. Last location before getting banned?: Barbarian outpost fishing Skill botted?: Fishing, Agility, Mining, Runecrafting Breaks or no? Yes If so how long?: 15-25 minute every 35-45 min How long did you bot per day?: 13 - 15 hour Banned before?: Yes Type of ban?: Macro major perm VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes/No/Which) No Scripts Used? Ntamis rc, Einstein agility, Einstein fishing, anupo mining Using looking-glass? (Yes/No/Which) yes Other Bots Used?: No How many bots at a time were being run?: 1 Date banned?: Today, 8/1 Fresh account/Days acc used?: 3 month old
  6. @Encoded I am trying to work with the open source code but these packages aren't found, and I can't locate them in the docs. import scripts.api.script.frameworks.task.Task; import scripts.api.script.frameworks.task.TaskSet; I was able to get the task to work using this tutorial: import org.tribot.api.Entities; import scripts.api.Interact; import scripts.api.entities.RSObjectEntity; import scripts.api.script.TaskScript; import scripts.api.util.Statistics; guessing they are deprecated.
  7. I was having issue I uninstalled and re installed, also got jdk8_261. Working fine now
  8. toxjq

    Tribot Settings

    What is Use proximity mouse input settings? What is hook storage? should I be using them? Any details on emulate touch screen option?
  9. bots having a lot of issues in lava and fire rune. teleport to duel arena, get stuck there and keeps doing circle and can't find alter. keeps trying to click on dark part when I am max zoomed our. this used to work before fine. When inside the alter, clicks far away all the time, and if not max zoomed out, keeps doing spins with camera, and shakes camera like it stuck. If lava selected it makes fire rune by mistake sometimes, not sure if that is intended.
  10. Going to try to bot: 99 rc 99 agility 99 mining 99 hunter 99 fishing 99 wc 99 firemaking All in level 3 pure. first attempt I got to 83rc, 88 agility, 75 fishing and 81mining. Then got perms banned
  11. banned at 88 agility time to restart i guess used this with few other scripts, ran about 5-6 hour days for months.
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