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  1. exactly this, same thing has happened to me, basically I'm unable to bot now
  2. after some precise calculations, I've come up with the ban rate to be EXACTLY....100%
  3. yes i got a macro major on an account i didn't bot, I made it bought mems and did tut island (legit), went to work came home and was banned
  4. So recently I had been running a goldfarm of 30-40 accounts, and this time they all got banned ALONG with my main AND mule. Then i just decided to stop goldfarming and just play on an account for fun. So i made a new account, bought some members, did the tut island (legit ofcourse) I then left to go to work, and when i got home, my account was banned for "macro major", does this mean my ip is flagged and any accounts assosiated with it are going to be banned? If this is the case, is there any way to get around this by changing my modems ip? Or would the only way to play RS be to play on a proxie (seems inpractical) Any helpful advice is appreciated, and please no spam responses unrelated to my question
  5. chain banned on my main and mule(never botted) along with my 40 goldfarm accounts
  6. started a new farm on some proxies today, ran 30 on progressive (6 clients 5 tabs each), ran smoothly and didn't switch too early.
  7. has the bug where the bot switches before the required level while using multiple tabs been fixed yet? This bug currently renders this script useless to me.
  8. vouch, sold more gp yet agian to kevin001. another smooth transaction of 30m 07 gp.
  9. wasn't just me, large fluctuation in player count in f2p worlds, and i see more accounts in tut island island than usual
  10. well....back to fishing i guess....jagex hit me with 30 bans at 7 pm EST while smleting steel bars. lost a good portion of money. idk why the did this ban at such an odd time.
  11. what do the different titles above your name mean, and how are they obtained. I'm guessing their just time milestones but I want to know how long or whatever it is.
  12. if selling the account, its best to sell the account and the wealth on it seperately
  13. peace379

    bot crashing

    ive been using 5 tabs/client 40 accounts total for months now. that is not "problem solved" it would do nothing except use more cpu
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