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  1. 1. Would be vanaka, had ice cubes in inventory so i assume lizards. Another thing to note, it still had loot in inventory from previous task (hence it being full) 2. I have 50 paint delay, do you reckon this would be an issue? I was just conserving CPU 3. Not sure man, i just come back to the bot taking out pots and shit over and over, then depositing them. Usually when full inventory is finished. Thanks for addressing those.
  2. Ran into a few (and i mean close to none) issues, the script is really really good! If your inventory is full and you get a task in the desert, it keeps trying to buy a shantay pass. Keeps using vials and items on other things, resulting in it standing around a fair bit. Gets gear out and banks it over and over, bit of an odd one. As for requests, how-come the bot cannot buy its own candle / add its own rope?
  3. I find depositing everything, fully stopping the script fully, restart the script w/Default settings, then closing out of interfaces when it's playing up eventually it'll start buying things.
  4. I completed it manually sorry. I do indeed enable shift dropping on my bots. Aye, just had a bot cycle through the same text over and over within dragon slayer right now. Just keeps heading back to the champions guild lmao.
  5. The client debug said that banshees are not supported or my firemaking level wasn't 4 (im 30fm) if that helps, even though i had crawling hands. I assume it's some kind of bug. As for the bowl, the two "use" and "drop" were the wrong way around, not sure why, it was after i used it on the coffin. I'm using the tribot client. As a side note, the bot is skipping talking to specific people, or maybe speaking to them and not completing the dialogue before moving on. Just had it run to the door during dragon slayer, but hadn't spoken to the person on the mountain properly. This is the same issue i had with merlins crystal and many others. I'm having to watch my bots all the time just to make sure they dont fuck up, was hoping for something a little more press start and it's full steam ahead.
  6. Merlin's crystal doesn't speak to the lady about the Excalibur, just walks back and forth between the door. Script doesn't support crawling hands, recognises them as banshees. Bot gets stuck trying to drop the bucket for priest in peril due to its drop option being the first option. Plague quest gets stuck inside cage.
  7. I'd just like to say, despite all of these small issues, this script is amazing. I'm running 9 accounts on 6 hour intervals, only 1 bot has had a ban and that's probably because it got stuck somewhere and i wasn't watching it to intervene. Most have got 50QP, great base stats. When this script is 100% polished, this is going to be the go-to script for creating accounts. Keep up the good work!
  8. Bot has a real banking problem. I've noticed the following: - Bot just opens and closes bank constantly. - Always goes to the GE - Buys the same items over and over - Gets stuck in the GE trading interface when trying to open the bank - If it fails to purchase an item, it will sometimes just wait, like hours, until it buys. In addition, i've noticed slayer runs to the monsters, then teleports to GE, in a loop. Slayer, basic chickens fail, if any chickens are outside of the gate, or inside of the door, bot fails. Woodcutting with firemaking the logs on can glitch out trying to click inside gertudes house An additional request would be basic slayer gear automatically identified and bought (starting with the basic iron the bot buys as a default equipment set). Otherwise it will just punch everything. Basic quest item setup for priest in peril fails over and over, fixed this by manually depositing worn items expensive:
  9. I have to say that the script works great, just needs a little babysitting sometimes. Some observations (i'll keep adding to these): - The banking process seems a little off, it gets items out, banks them again, teleports to a bank, then gets them out again. There are quite a few instance of this. - The purchasing of items seems a little weird, types some random number in - The bot sometimes gets stuck trying to click through the chat box. - There's a strong reliance on wealths/glories - When you run the script, i've found it sometimes fails to do anything if a teleport option is not available (i'm left stood at lummy, the 5 attempts things results in the script terminating; script restart loops the error) - Script failed on jungle potion & the account died, then failed to get back to where it needed to be and was constantly looking for herb area. - Knights quest walks to thurgo and does nothing. had to gear it up myself. - If i try custom prayer, it breaks after each level and stops the script. - It buys a new wealth/glory all the time, i've got like 8 of each before i've done a few quests. - Monks friend doesnt head to the circle of stones, fails to find path. - Doesn't do anything with new accounts which have not used a bank before (bank tut & notifications for pin break the script) - Bot gets stuck on those attacking trees when walking form draynor to varrock - Dialogues get stuck sometimes and i have to intervene, doesn't progress through the "click to continue dialogues" - When i run out of arrows, the bot just repeatedly buys 1k iron arrows over and over again. - Kept full cash-stack on my user before jungle potion, died, had to manually retrieve it. - Varrock museum breaks halfway through on all bots - 2 of my bots literally just sat in the GE buying screen for 6 hours overnight, now they're probably going to get banned (will update). - Account banned within first 8 hours. (separate to above) - When the bot dies during slayer, it doesn't re-equip the items, just stands around kicking shit - when the bot dies, it doesn't return to collect any items, if they're needed for the remaining part of the quest, the bot breaks Features i'd love: - A tutorial island completion task - More information to stop basic issues e.g. turn off roofs, zoom out etc... - Better slayer/combat support (members training, dunno why im in security stronghold to train). I set range to 30, and im fighting Minotaurs. - If i have protection prayers, can they be used to avoid deaths for harder quests?
  10. https://gyazo.com/743af410e6f766bad1ca94ab1220c6cc 10m stack, items fall off randomly still happy with the two accounts.
  11. The bot ended up repeatedly spamming world hopping, not sure if this has been addressed before. Because of this, one of my accounts have been banned. If I've not deselected something, tell me what to do. If it's an issue with tribot, let me know. If it's a script issue, let me know. Thanks
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