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  1. I purchased the 30 last night, trying to use it today and after crashing twice it says : [16:47:14] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Cannot run script. I dont have any accounts running the script right now and im not able to use it.
  2. I've always loved tribot, but i don't feel safe using it anymore for the simple fact that the staff/developers haven't posted once... if you find a better client pls post here so i can check it out. if TriLez/staff could inform us with some info i would still be here
  3. i'm starting to feel the same way. bump
  4. Not sure if its because OSRS was updated earlier today, but when i try and cast stun/aclh or just stun, it won't let me select my item i want to alch or the npc to stun from the drop down menu? Restarted the script and client multiple times but no luck!
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