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    LG FPS Question

    I’m trying to use a thieving bot for black jacking, and it keeps missing. It suggest I check the FPS, but I know LG will lower the FPS I would usually get. Currently using the OpenOSRS client with all plugins disabled. Is there anything I can do on my end to increase the FPS with LG without using the standard client? Or am I stuck with it? not sure how far along the client spoofing is or if it’s even effective, so if anybody has reviews for that let me know!
  2. Huh yeah, that did it. Well sorry to bother you about this, it works great. Some dumb plugin was causing it. If I figure out which one I'll post back here. Thanks a ton for your help, and great script!
  3. Yeah it does. Probably should have tried that before posting here, but it's late for me lol. Did you still want the gif of the LG behavior? Or should I just use the normal tribot client?
  4. Sure thing. Just realized I didn't mention I was using LG. I tried using OSBuddy, and with OpenOSRS. But I'll cap the gif and post it back here.
  5. Hey there, just purchased, and tried to get it to work. It'll take the food out of the bank, but when it clicks the fire to cook, it'll just stop before actually clicking the food to continue cooking. The ABC2 stuff seems like its taking over, and it just moves the mouse everywhere and just right clicks things. I'll see the ABC2 timer going down, but then it shoots back up.
  6. Loving the bot for ZMI so far. Really great work. One question I have is, why doesn't the bot fill the pouches from the bank instead of closing out, filling the pouches, then reopening the bank? Seems like it would cut down a lot on rune cost, since reopening the bank twice eats into the air runes super quickly once you get to lower 70s.
  7. I checked everything for the Seers teleport, but it still runs to the entrance of the Seers course. It says I'm holding a smoke battlestaff, and have my 10k law runes in my pouch. I even tried keeping them outside my pouch but no luck. Any ideas? Forget I said anything! Didn't see the Use Staff option. I'm stupid.
  8. Thank you! Great bot! It wasn't so bad that it was unusable, but I did have to be available to babysit every little while, which necessarily isn't a bad thing.
  9. Using Looking Glass, and the script keeps stopping with this error: [18:54:14] FINISH MSG: Too many (8) of the same message: [The servant is on the way.]. Possible bug? Ending script Anything I can do to fix this? I have the zip file with the logs if that will help. It's hard to reliably use this bot, since it seems to stop once it sees "The servant is on the way" too many times.
  10. Trying to use Jugs of Wine and Lobsters. It can't find them. Was working fine yesterday. Deleted the entire tribot folder in Appdata as well. Using the latest version of tribot.
  11. Looks like the script isn't working properly sometimes. It will withdraw the logs but won't exit the bank interface, and then it'll run as normal if I manually exit the interface. Once it's done lighting the inventory, the script will just make the character stand in place and won't rebank. But if I manually walk it close to the bank it'll do everything properly.
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