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  1. Looks like a great script, well done! Is this type of stuff not very very banable though like within a day or so? Hows its been for you in your testing? I thought item combiners was as banable asa those tanning scripts.
  2. Is that the script they use you mean thatsa a common one used here or are they at the crawlers just for training purposes + to get a bit of money meanwhile?
  3. Hey veterans and experts, I was wondering if anyone here knows how come there always are so many bots at the crawlers in the p2p area? I´ve seen them for years - I know they don´t pick the harralander herbs, and they go bank and all that. Usually always the same equipment, addy armour, stre amu and rune scimmy etc. But I´m wondering since there are so many of them, and since so many have problems botting because they get banned - how come its so hard for jagex/runescape to ban these bots and does anyone here use them is it good money for you? I dont intend on doing it - i only know thats what got me into botting because i got so pissed off after reporting 300+ accounts and nothing happened, it seemed useless. Can´t beat em? Join em. So here we are. I know its been a problem for years - from when i searched about it - so the scripts must be working well right? So does anyone uses it or knows why its so popular, i just dont get why its not banned - they behave in such a botlike manner and if i did that i´d get banned instantly, it makes no sense to me why they escape the bans. is it just because they have a good mix of skills before they do it or what is it? Its really impressive to be honest when so many others fail at other stuff when they bot.
  4. are you sure its the bot? how many accounts did you test it on and what did you do? is it really detectable and gets u banned? sounds oddwhen so many says it works.
  5. This script is great it seems! I really like these auto-scripts they are so well done! However I have a pretty big issue, with i guess all of them. Both mining n woodcutting - I simply cannot select any custom trees nor mines for the mining script. I used to be able to do it with mining, but then it stopped and with this script i cannot click on any trees. I use the middle mouse button but all i guess is a blue X It looks like this The blue X is all i get it is not highlighted. Am i doing something wrong or something blocking it working for me?
  6. Yep Noticed the same thing for me, first with Dorics quest then also with all the others. and tutorial island also gets me banned right away. no scripts works for tut it seems at all of the free ones ive tried
  7. this insanely impressive. may i ask if you bank the logs? im thinking if you do bank the moment you start banking thats when the ban hits. how often did you take breaks? really good jo b- i hope i can apply this to mining as i never do wc or well never tried botting it, thats not my tea - but great it works for you. hope you will answer me this is soo nice to see a fellow botter suceeding! i hope you can do this with many accs and bank n earn lots of gold with it! well otherwise a bit pointless i suppose.
  8. I call bs lol. I said run 10 bots with LG (looking glass) and osbuddy. Show a screenshot or just bs as i said lol.
  9. Its you who lost reputation in this otropar. What a disgusting selfish way of thinking. Things can come up that delays things...I hope noone makes any scrips for you with such a horrible attitude. Besides if he were to work on your script but had irl shit going on he probably could not focus as well...Treat the script makers nicely and they´ll treat you well. Having good relations with buisness partners is for me extremly important and you have to show great respect. They are not slaves, and if you act like this well good for oyu its just the internet on a rs forum. But you won´t come far in the buisness world with that little amount of repsect nor politeness. Why should an admin or mod help you with a refund? Will you share their money with them? No, but you just said time > money. Any online work i have had done for me (i mostly do advertising) i always treated the people doing work for me with great respect - you´ll see you+ll get far better work that way. besides..one day this might bite you in the ass if you´re the one who doesnt pay up on time or some other thing. Or the script gets broken why would they help you for free now. Just show some goddamm respect - with that attiude, i´d not be suprised if everyone on the forum would be like "lol not worth my time". Not many wants to help someone whos so selfish and disrespectful.
  10. Yo if you want to talk shit - then tell me how many bots you can run with LG + osbuddy. Because osbuddy takes a fk load. I doubt you can run 10.. you will probably say you can but i know thats BS if so. ive seen people saying LG can take up a whole vps server at low cost - so how many LG bots do you run with osbuddy? if i pressured my pc it could do maybe 5 but that would cause all of it to lag - so no reason for me.
  11. thats insanely impressive, huge congratz on such big achivements. Sounds like things like training an account and then skilling/money has prett big ban rate difference where money making is very fast bans. kinda odd tho - like the bots are probably not better but idk maybe more undetectable because less clicking maybe idk. How did you manage to do this tho thats really impressive, like did you use some private or special custom scripts? and did you still make it look more legit by using scripts to do quests and varios skills other than combat or just went straight for combat? - and when you said you bought them you bought them like from another player? maybe that helps if its an old account
  12. do you go p2p from the beginning or when to do it? do you use a mule to give it a bond or how? Not sure p2p will help just by going p2p. any suggestion for something to start with as p2p? def sems like p2p might be needed. but the bot they got will stil lcatch you im thinking so what do you do to be avoided as p2p? if you do something asf2p and then as p2p the same - do you see big difference in ban chance?
  13. Only you can know if you can run it. If you´re not using lg probably possible if you´re using lg it sounds very hard. my pc is high tech i feel and that can barely have 3 and maybejust 4 with lg. Obviously one proxy per bot is the safest. Theres no such thing as not getting caught, only when you do. You can go for years but do a silly thing and you´re caught. From what ive heard its about 1-3 bots per prox, some say 5 and some talk about 10. Its up to you. obviously the more the more obvious probabl. Personally i do 3. Now only doing 1 but still getting caught.
  14. Is there any way to fix the bug where when I try to highlight mines that it doesnt do it? I keep trying, but all it does it place a blue X on top - ive had this issue before but it just didnt seem to work on some mines, but lately havent been able to use it at all. is there any way to fix this? Also on wanted to hear - on the premium script - from your own experiences Aropopu when running the premium script - what do you do yourself? Like do you prep the bots in some way i.e doing xx quests, or combat levels before mining or what do you do? Ive heard (im very new to this) that the MLM place is a huge place for being banned. And so far i havent been able to survive even 48 hours. I havent used the prem script in all that time and know theres so many reasons for bans - but wanted ot hear if you got some tips. I.e can i just turn on the script, turn it off, then go ot GE buy a better piackaxe, go back etc - or will any human movement be severely obvious that its a bot runningon mlm - i know for sure i probably shouldnt do any mining myself or it´ll be obvious but is there any guide or hints you could give on how to increase success? I feel a bit hopeless having all bots banned within 48 hours, seemingly it seems better to just run bot 24/7 until it banned rahter than doing all the break and prep stuff.
  15. As the title says - Is there any way for f2p accounts thats played between 2-6 hours a day to survive? I´ve now had around 10+ bots, using all the tricks and guides ive been able to find, using LG, proxies and the best scripts i could find (free and some trials of premiums to see if they were better) Tried to level some combat, quests all that to make it look "legit" But as of yet no matter what its a ban with in 24 hours. I´ve mainly done combat and mining, and it doesnt work for me. Am I mising something that could help out? And a question i got is i.e with mining, i noticed even with the new mouse input policy, if i want control or not control sometimes it gives me control - and t let go i have to move it to the egde of the screen. I can definitely see how that could be seen as botting, or just the difference when i stop a script to go to ge myself and buy some pickaxes for instance. What is your "training program" for a longterm bot and am i missing something? Only thing i can think of is being members and getting a custom made script. Everthing else has bene followed including breaks so now really trying to figure out what im doing wrong. And thinking prepping a bot seems worthless - but i can assume if you survive 24 hours or 48 hours you´re basically good to go for longterm very likely?* Am i missing something blatantly obvious or does someone know an easy way to survive for a f2p or is it considered near impossible for f2ps to survive 48 hours? My best account made it around 36-48 hours or so.
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