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  1. How do you view Bot Debug / Client Debug in Tribot 11?
  2. How much does the GP/hr drop off without 79 magic? I.e. w/ 50 magic and / or 1 magic?
  3. Any developer who values their own time will quickly understand the benefits of using Kotlin over Java
  4. @wastedbro thanks for all the resources It will take me some time, but I will definitely look over all of your code. Looks like there's a lot of value there! I'm currently working on some open source scripts to release in the free section, so I will have to test out your framework (or a version of it) in one of my scripts.
  5. I will make this and release it free in 2-3 weeks. It will not support muling.
  6. I will make this and release it free next week.
  7. Very much appreciated. The current TRiBot API method can fail, if the user is not in the wilderness. Nice to have a method that does not fail.
  8. Very cool @wastedbro. Added bonus points for the API being written in Kotlin That should definitely help the readability of the code I would love to get access to this... guess I'll have to finally get official Developer/Scripter status here!
  9. Very cool. I've had ideas for similar scripts, but always with the specific goal of making money.
  10. Thanks Just curious, what's the community standard these days for order of preferred walking algorithm? 1. Dax Walker 2. PathFinder 3. Walker 4. Web Walker This is my current order, but I've only been comparing them all for a couple days now.
  11. OSRS scripts often require setting up complex decision trees, in one form or another, in order to achieve the necessary workflow from the bot. The OOP solution to this is to create a DecisionTree class and have many DecisionNode classes, each with an ifValid() and an ifNotValid() function. However, this results in long convoluted path structures, and can result in an ungodly number of files, if the logic gets complex. The FP solution is to create a set of functions that can handle the same logic, using any() and all() methods to mimic nested if statements built with && a
  12. Awesome script. Would be really nice if you could add cast/alching (I.e. fire blast + alch). This is a nice way of training magic quickly while also getting hp exp.
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