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  1. Same issues. Disconnecting when teleporting back to clan wars from GE after purchasing supplies.
  2. Hey, since the update yesterday it hasn't been recharging the scepter which leads the script to stop and stand idle till the user logs the account out.
  3. Can confirm I'm an idiot. Figured it out myself.
  4. Hey, script is spam clicking pottery statuettes after finishing a round....
  5. Guess I just have to get full void elite and all helms again then to test it out! Worked nonetheless with no bans. Only recommendation is when defending the night to allow the script a little bit more wiggle-room when it comes down to attacking npcs outside of its normal parameters. The game fail rate when defending the knight is pretty high and I believe could be increased by allowing rangers to fire over the fence. Just an idea.
  6. almost 97 str from 93 in 2~ days and going to power it out till 99. No bans. No issues. Flawless so far.
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