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  1. My bad I'll edit that, this guy was supposed to leave fb and he didn't
  2. Selling 450 rs3 for $0.40/M. Click skype button in signature Must have some decent feedback.
  3. Hello guys I'm looking to buy 100M-150M RS3/EOC GP for $0.40-$0.50/M from someone with 150 FB+, or a Mod/Admin Paying with PayPal, I have a Verified PayPal and I'm willing to prove my Picture ID. Click on my Skype Button in my Signature to add me! (If it won't work my Skype is: FlyingAK47) Thank you, -Subutex (Teh Gold Dope Fein) Note: The Skype Button May Say I'm offline, but I probably am online.
  4. Did you add me on MSN/Skype yet: Yes. How much gold you need: 100m. Payment method: Verified PayPal. Will you feedback me after trade: Yes.
  5. I will go first with paypal, willing to pay 45-48/m RS3 GP. Add my Skype.
  6. Subutex

    Buying 100m RS3

    What is your skype?
  7. Subutex

    Buying 100m RS3

    Hey guys, I'm buying 100m RS3 GP. Not looking for shops I don't like their prices. PM me or Skype me with a fair price.
  8. Stock: 5 Skype: FlyingAK47 Thanks.
  9. Started college 2 weeks ago!

  10. Order Form: How much do u have: 27 m what your payment:pp you will go first: yes
  11. I'm selling 20m RS3 GP. Looking for 50+ feedbacks. If you're trusted I'll go first. Click add me in my sig.
  12. Did you add me on MSN/Skype yet: Yes How much gold you have: 20m RS3 Payment method: PP Will you feedback me after trade: Yes
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