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  1. looks like its fixed! thanks buddy just a thought.. how about adding support for super energy/energy pots? would be useful for irons that dont have stams yet
  2. nice script so far. one complaint is that it always turns my run on at a set amount of energy gained(no stamina pots). can you look into this?
  3. im having the same problems. bot will now scroll down the bar to find new worlds. all it does is just left click where the next world would be
  4. hello, looks like everytime the script goes to drop the logs it misclicks on the last log and uses it instead. this will cause the script to stop and i have to manually click the last log. doing teaks it does this
  5. i am also having the same problem. gui just freezes/doesnt load
  6. ive used this script for a year now and its always worked perfectly. now I had to manually start a dream or else it glitches out of the absorptions barrel, keeps taking them out then storing the potions
  7. Having problems with the script ending up outside my house spam clicking call butler. Not sure how it gets out there
  8. having trouble. the bot keeps ending the script and not telling me why. ive made sure to have everything in the GUI set up help just deleted my hood.dat and restarted client and script works fine!
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