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  1. Well, this one Ive made money off of. Ive won 3-4 times with it just watching it. Figured out its rhythm and have failed a lot less with it. out of 10 bets I probably won about 5-6. the first 2 or 3 testing waters, 1 min bet loss (less than 100k) and 1 big loss (not over a mil). 50% win rate is NOT BAD at all for dicing period. Now for a bot who doesnt HAVE to be accountable Id say its pretty legit, he's also giving less than 55 odds (between 45-53 x2 wont say specific number.. ) so thats definitely helping. Rolled a 52 and won on one of those big bets.
  2. Anyone actually banned for trading with/winning even losing off of these bots in W1?? given it says your name when you roll, anyone asshole can easily report. So Im very aware that yes, YOU CAN be banned for it, but has anyone actually experienced a ban from these bots? Was it a major/minor offense? Edit update: It'd be pretty sweet to know cause I just made a mil of one after he got muted. lol RIP me for sure?? I made 450k then lost it, saw he got muted, sold my trashy bank and made about a mil in two dices. lol should I even try transferring it to a mule?
  3. "just buy gold and buy bonds" OK easier said than done Im not a gold farmer and I dont have money for this. Im a returning player my entire bank on 3 accounts is 1M right now but thank you all for the answers appreciated.
  4. Well if you feel like sharing I'd appreciate your input on why this is. Im pretty sure the times Ive botted in an isolated location for 5 hours as opposed to botting around 4 dozen other bots is a a direct result of being reported by a player and not jagex staff/systems noticing. However, Im now wondering if botting next to 4 dozen bots has got my IP flagged and Im just botting on borrowed time now. Its only been 4-5 days and Ive botted more than ever before on this one account in 3-5 hour sessions.
  5. Will jagex notice/ track If I paid for membership on an account that I botted and got subsequently banned (macro major) with the same credit card I use for another account? I.E. Will it result in a higher chance of getting banned? Or I guess what Im asking is do they flag credit cards in this way is it even possible?
  6. So ive been using a few premium scripts here and the longest my bots have lasted on a suicide run was 6-7 hours. However, that was in a spot I located where no other bots were at. Its farther from banks, and is less than ideal for the purpose of suicide botting. Ive had multiple accounts banned within 2-5 days of botting at locations with 0 bots around (maybe occasionally 1 or 2 but very few if any other bots). But the item I was botting just happened to surge in price for a few hours the other day, so I said fuck it and ran my bot in a highly botted area with atleast a dozen bots on any given world (f2p), and so far have succsesfully botted for 3-5 hour sessions 3 days in a row now. It was on the weekend if that may have anything to do with ban chances. But, Im jw if anyone has any better success botting next to a bunch of other bots where people might think what is the actual point of reporting a dozen bots at once, its more likely a mod would show up and ban this many at once than your average player reporting that many bots when they are so used to seeing it. Unless a player just snaps and decided their fed up with this, which I admit I have had this temptation myself as seeing 4 dozen bots running on a highly populated world with random character names is just blatantly gold farming, and a lot more likely to be a gold farm operation which I frown upon more as opposed to someone combat botting trying to rebuild a main or personal funds. After EOC, I completely understand any returning player botting for personal gold or initial combat stats. But I digress. Also, this has all been done on F2P servers, very little p2p server botting after some combat scripts ended up in what I think is just shit luck of a ban. (botting goblins in a remote location that the average player probably doesnt really even realize is there, far away from banks etc). Didnt even make it past 40 str with 20 atk before banned. So, TL;DR , is their a bit of safety botting next to a dozen other botters as opposed to botting in a remote location and sacrificing distance from a bank as well as the risk of certain areas having doors that seemingly no script can manage? (If anyone knows of a script that actually handles doors please inform me Ive used multiple premium and free - not one does).
  7. Im trying to get my account up to 55 mage for high alch. The account Im doing this on has never been botted, and is my main mule. Jw how risky is using an auto clicker (was planning to use garyshood auto clicker) on f2p teleport spells? If I dont afk doing this what are the chances of me being banned?
  8. IceCube17

    OSRS dicing?

    So I see some ads for people dicing 55x2 at GE. I used to be big on private servers until I just can't find one thats good and constantly active anymore.. So Im wondering, are their any trusted players that dice on OSRS?
  9. Well shit. Does anyone know the answer to the question just for knowledge sake? Will it take the IP I used to sign the account into Rs3 or the IP used to create the acct from the website? And thanks very much for the replys
  10. Hi, so Ive read in various posts that one way to avoid a chain ban is to create new accounts on DIFFERENT IP addresses. So my question is, if I use a simple SSL proxy on mozilla to create the Account from the website, am I g2g or does Jagex also trace the IP that the account used to initially login to the client with? Since you HAVE to login to the Rs3 client before you can even login to the OSRS client. Does jagex consider the IP that was used to create the account on the website the IP of origin for said account or does it figure the IP used on first login to the Rs3 client the original IP for the account? If it is the latter, can anyone lead me to a post or explain how I can login to the client with a proxy? Also, I am aware of the resetting your box trick. I have tried it and I think my box is the type that must be turned off for an entire night to get a new IP. I live with my family, and thats not an option for me.
  11. Yes, I catch myself forgetting to do this/stopping re-running scripts to make absolute sure I have the one I want selected. When I first began using tri-bot, I remember the break handler functioning. I'd "suicide" with 6-8 hour runtimes and 1-2 hour breaks and would come back and check the client debug to see when the login bot was initiating, and it was consistent with my break times/run times. Now however, I select the break and the account just as you mentioned and it never works. I just deleted the tri-bot launcher and re-downloaded it and am going to delete all the breaks I have and create fresh ones to see if that solves anything. I'll edit OP if it does fix by making new breaks. Should I try posting this on the official post for the scripts I'm using? Like could it be an issue with the scripts and not the client?
  12. So, I notice my break handler is not working, at all. Now, Ill start by saying I get very paranoid when botting. I never bot then sleep if I care about the acct, Ive been succsesfully botting atleast 2 accounts without ban the past month. This has gained me a mil in starting cash and hopefully will be able to bot basic combat stats on both accounts, (40 atk/str/range on one and 40/atk/def/30str/30 range on the other which is to be turned into a main). Ive made decent progress on one, getting 40 str and 20 atk with 25 range all in a couple hours of botting and babysitting the bots. Doing things like cooking/smoking/playing other games while my bots run but never botting for more than 4 hours max, and checking on them on the hour. So, I say all this to say I know for SURE the break handler is NOT initiating breaks. I have several breaks saved in the handler, and have even tried really short run times (30 minutes for example) just to test if the break handler will stop the script and it never has. I suicide botted an acct last night with it set up to run for 8 hours with an hour break and came to find it had actually ran for about 13.5 hours before the logins began failing from it being banned. After having typed all of this, it kind of occured to me there may already be a post stickied somewhere regarding this. But if there is its not in the bot help and to be quite honest I find the search function rather inneffective on this sight as it returns lots of non-sense no matter what I type into the seach bar. So, if theres already a post answering this question please kindly link me to it or if not what can I do to make the break handler work? Do I need to clear any caches? I have deleted and re-installed the client multiple times for various reasons and notice it has saved all of my breaks as well as accounts. So it makes me wonder if I must recreate new breaks after re-installing the client, or if its a cache issue meaning I need to clear my client cache in order to make the break handler function.
  13. Does anyone know how to make the bot re-equip looted arrows? Will the bot do it once it sees the "no ammo" error in the chat box? Only way I can think of is to set it up to equip arrows every couple of levels via the training manager. But waiting to see if it will re-equip once the quiver is empty. Am I missing an option in the UI that allows this to be done because this will not be possible in the higher range levels, an I dont feel like risking huge stacks of arrows >_<
  14. Thanks. The site I found the proxies on is a reputable VPN service that doesnt incluce proxies in their VPN service but they do include a free sock5 proxie search function. I searched for sock5 Proxies and only 10 populated the search. The site guarentees each proxy is checked daily to see it its active and the tribot client would only load with one of them. However, the problem was then when I checked the runtime info, the proxy IP was listed as Proxy: None. I even tested it with my web browser, and it connected to google and even ran agar.io with no basically 0 latency. Upon checking my own ip, it showed my proxies IP and not my own. So is this a bug in the client or is it an error on my side? I did for sure have the afforementioned proxy selected before clicking start on the client.... The rest of this will be a semi-rant, so feel free to not read it. I go the extent of trying some of the incredibly sketchy proxy listing services. What gets me the most, is a surprisingly vast amount of them offer sock5 proxies tailored/marketed specifically toward OSRS botting programs. Like, if the point is for jagex to not know your using a proxy, thats got to be the most ignorant thing ever. It just gives jagex a great headstart on combatting the issue of people using sock 5 proxies because Im 100% sure jagex would devote more of their bot combatting resources to chain banning sock5 proxies from sites who advertise it specifically for their game than ones who market it towards the average pirater/torrenting person not wanting to seed from his own IP. Or atleast not blatantly reveal him self. Anyways, every single one of them required paypal or a bitcoin wallet to use. I finally found a succsesful wc location for f2p that nets me 100-200k gp per hour at only 55 WC level. That is going to fund my suiciding botting for weeks while I have that cash stashed on a 10 year old mule I gave up when shitscape3 destroyed it.. And Im to pittifully attached to that account to suicide bot it, even though I think if I did it right, changed locations every time, and only ran 3-4 hours with breaks, alternated skills, did everything right I think jagex would likely over look it if I had a good proxy because I know for a fact after suicide botting 4 accounts with the same script within a week. Im too scared to even try to bot with the one bot I actually bought membership for.....
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