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  1. ah thanks for the reply, i was wondering if i can run the mule on the same pc as the blast furnace script? also does my mule need a membership or will the bot hop to f2p to mule gold
  2. Would it be possible to have it switch to making a different type of bar when the ge limit is reached? for example, addy ore is 4500/4 hours, can we have it make 4500 addy bars and then switch to steel bars until it can buy addy bars again? Also, great script loving it so far.
  3. i'll do it for 8m osrs gp per account pm me if you're interested.
  4. i'd be willing to do it, but i don't have the cash to begin if you'd like to start and do it a little at a time, daily perhaps? i'll do the work daily and you pay me for that day. if so pm me
  5. i'll do it if you still need, 14m pm me im online now
  6. Offering to do firecape, torso, void, b gloves, power leveling, quests, anything you want send me a pm, only payment accepted is osrs gp
  7. is that all on one account though? very impressive run time overall but i have heard zulrah can be high ban rate
  8. am i going to get banned in the first day using this script?
  9. Can you make it so i can hop to pvp worlds? i don't mind the risk but it wont let me add them manually even
  10. Hi Netami, i tried your script today with the free trial, it ran for about 4 chests during which it got stuck trying to kill verac over and over again, and also froze on top of guthan's mound after killing guthan. and then it got stuck trying to bank at clanwars. It teleported to clanwars and stood there. i have set the abcl to the option all the way left to prevent it from sleeping too often, i'm very excited about this script and want to purchase it but it still seems to be a little buggy and i'm afraid of what might happen if i leave it running and go take a shower or something. another iss
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