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  1. 1. @Starfox 2. 3. Date Purchased: Tue, 10 Mar 2020 06:36:57 4. 1 month 5. Added a screenshot of the PM sent to Starfox. 6. When attempting to run the script, the interface that is supposed to open at the start had a jumbled interface that didn't looking anything like it's supposed to. I attempted to get it to work for 30 minutes or so, before cancel the subscription on the website (or at least attempting to, hence why it appear to not be showing on the client side) and purchasing another script for the month. I would include screenshots of what I was showing, but I
  2. I bought this yesterday, but when it tries to open the GUI to select what you're wanting to cook, it is a garbled mess and is unusable... Any news on that? I'm either stupid, or this script isn't working out the gate with the client, currently.
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