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  1. The update and removal or Lifetime / Unlimited Auths, in my opinion, will bring scripters back and actually push updates. Lifetime is never a good business model especially when large updates happen within Runescape and scripts have to be re-written / re-worked people expect for 15 dollars  - 4 years later the script will work flawless... The creation of a subscription base setup will allow for more innovation and updates to be continued or people won't re-purchase the scripts easy as that.

    Can I offer one suggestion the possibility for scripter packages? e.g. use all scripts created by a specific scripter for a certain monthly price.. Encoded's auto fisher / wintertodt / auto tithe farm for 25 per month or something like that?

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  2. 42 minutes ago, purerpker8 said:

    so that would mean my mule account would have to be created rn, would it be better to use a brand new mule lvl 3 acc on a separate ip or use an acc i have for like 7 yrs on my ip

    In my opinion it wont matter if you change your current mules IP as they would have already logged it(We don't 100% know how / what they log ). I would personally create a level 3 on a private proxy /  ip not linked to your main (make sure you do everything from registering the account on the website to logging in to the first time on the proxy). I use a 4g mobile connection (on a separate computer) for mine as it's not a static IP so i can just reset it.

  3. 4 minutes ago, deobus said:

    Thanks for the answer, but to repeat my question: Is it safe?

    No one can really tell you if it is safe or not, there has been cases that Jagex has caught onto people making many accounts using emails with a couple of different letters in it like email1 ema1l 3mail email4 and so on it might be worth Googling it.

    Hope this helped.

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