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  1. I have made a new script, I have exported it to the local script folder but I can't see it when I try and run it on try bot.
  2. Whats stats would be need for min runs? Any quest needed?
  3. @TRiLeZ I think he really wants to bot barrows
  4. Trying to start the script and keep getting this. Only using one tribot. Cos I only have one bot account. [08:07:22] Starting client. [08:07:33] Downloading script 'aMiner v2 [RUNITE]'. [08:07:36] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Cannot run script. Never mind. must be my shit internet. Its fine now.
  5. Correct. So I am asking if I could just pay the difference to get the runite version?
  6. Can I upgrade my account to use the runite version, or do I need to buy it for the full price?
  7. Thanks I will look into this. I didn't know you had this. Cheers for getting back to me
  8. I have had my auto break handler not working properly when running this script on Mining Guild Amethyst. Has anyone else noticed this? The script runs find and use the break handler but I will come back when its due to stop for the day but it keeps going... But when I switch it back over to Motherload it runs perfect and follows the breakhandler and logs of when it is due to.
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