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  1. tried everything did jarfix tried every version of java restarted my computer so many times
  2. I need a refund, or could someone please explain how to set it up properly? when it says "altar tele" is that the teleport you want to use to teleport out of the altar or to the altar? same with the bank tele please someone help im really frustrated been trying to use it for 5 hours tried everything
  3. keeps using the dueling ring and not teleporting. broken.
  4. It rubs the ring of dueling but it doesnt teleport to castle wars
  5. you should add looting bag support for more profits other than that it works good.
  6. Even if i use that script its still using the same inputs so it will do the same thing.
  7. Can't seem to make one i got to the last step all i have to do it type in the username and it says "server is currently very busy, please try again. been saying this for 3-4 days now and ive tried the same thing on proxies so is it my ip or what?
  8. you should make it so you can only run individual blocks after they are put into the main block instead of having to start from the beginning of the script debugging is a nightmare without it.
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