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  1. You do fix things often, no doubt about that. Ark Slayer script is also the best Slayer script on the market and works great for the most part. Please don't take my previous post as a criticism of some kind - it wasn't that. To answer - this is exactly the process. Work around issues if possible, create reports when necessary. Try to understand it from a user's perspective. Dealing with scripters for most users can be as big of a challenge as it is for scripters to deal with users. When the standard for issue reporting is raised to a level that encompasses maximum available inf
  2. OSRS sometimes doesn't correctly track which Death Office chat options have been "used" and doesn't allow to recover items or leave Death's room. You need to worldhop to fix it, or teleport out. This will likely get bot stuck unable to complete death handling. It gets stuck in a loop when it doesn't have enough gold. Twice I've seen Slayer script failing/not attempting to recover items and continuing to run towards GE with only 3 items in invetory. I've stopped the bot and recovered items manually. I didn't allow it to continue, but presumably it would've bought whole equipment set f
  3. Death handling has other issues as well. I'd much prefer for script to give us an option to turn death handling off completely.
  4. You won't be able to learn how to program this from scratch in 2 months, let alone do it. I'd suggest starting small, learn java basics, write a few simple scripts, then increase their complexity over time and start adding automation features.
  5. It was trying free farming offtask. I had to manually stop this equip-fail loop after multiple tries. If script keeps trying and failing to equip the same shield for 5+ minutes nonstop - until regular no-xp safeguard kicks in, that account is highly likely to get banned. Maybe stop after 3-4 fails in a row?
  6. When going for wyverns, bot gets stuck in an endless loop trying and failing to equip Elemental Shield if quest Elemental Workshop isn't complete. Would be good to have it stop after a few failed tries.
  7. I can confirm it happens often - script logs out for a Tribot break and stays offline indefinitely. I pasted script stack trace below. Although log says it's returning home, bot never actually did. When I logged in it was still in slay area. This break was supposed to be 5 minutes long but 2.5hours passed offline until I stopped it manually. [01:13:58] [Antiban] ABC2: Leaving client screen [01:14:22] [Antiban] ABC2: Examining Entities [01:14:49] [Antiban] Unique Antiban: Refocusing Target ForegroundColor[0,0,255][01:15:17] [Break Manager] Tribot wants us to take a break (user-org
  8. Script fails to buy Sharks in GE - keeps trying and failing to enter price as "0".
  9. Yes, Slayer Helmet is in loadout. Bot also uses Slayer Helmet after arriving to the monsters, but uses nose peg while traveling.
  10. Slight oversight: when free farming in slayer tower, bot takes Nose peg on trips even when it has slayer helm equipped. This occupies extra inventory slot for no reason.
  11. Tribot needs more PvM scripts - awesome release!
  12. Yes, requirements are steep, but lower than Vorkath and both raids. Both can be soloed, which is a plus in this context.
  13. Other: 1. The Gauntlet 2. Hallowed Sepulchre
  14. What is the argument to run a v3 profile? Profile name as argument only works for v2, but not v3.
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