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  1. Nice release! If you eventually add birdhouses to the script, it can become quite a good semi-afk looped activity.
  2. contemporary


    Script gets stuck in a mouse moving loop after opening voting booth, unable to close voting booth interface
  3. Congrats with the release! When is Elemental Workshop 1 coming out?
  4. Due to how low the userbase of OSbuddy has gotten (7% of playerbase), it is often missing data even for highly traded items on daily/hourly basis. On the other hand, adding an an extra check for high-alc value in cases where script has "incomplete RSbuddy data" would eliminate majority of item non-pickups. It would be done in the backend without burdening the user, and would solve this problem for the most part.
  5. Some options could include a check Store Value (sp), High-Alc value (from other sources), or giving users advanced option to enter a list of item ID's for pickup.
  6. Very interesting project, Trilez back with vengeance.
  7. There seem to be 2 separate auth problems right now. One where Tribot fails to authenticate completely, on any version, with error 503. Another issue where new version (tested on 6) fails to pass args:
  8. Trying to launch new Tribot client keeps popping "503 Service Temporarily Unavailable" errors. It sometimes starts working for a minute, then back to the same error. Is there an issue with the servers that we're not aware of?
  9. Any followup on this? Tribot is still not working for most accounts due to broken login sequence.
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