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  1. Can you advise me on some settings? I did 70-75 at master farmers and got roughly 35k / hour exp. Now im doing ardy knights and getting 55k exp an hour at lv 75. Pretty low exp / hour. What can i change up
  2. I have the pin set under account manager. What am i messing up?
  3. I managed to get 99 with this script. My account is only a few months old and already had 99fm. It took me 3 months to go from lv 75ish to 99.
  4. Accidentally left my bot on overnight. Nice 14 hour proggy. Crossing my fingers for no ban My longest period online before this was roughly half this
  5. script is clicking in chatbox when trying to get back to start point thus no exp for 5 minutes and logging out... this is new
  6. Agil pyramid works well if you baby sit. Script consistently trys clicking things 1 level up where it can't reach. The big problem is lost efficiency through letting the sliding rock ram the script one level down. The script makes no effort to navigate this and just runs out. Anyway to fix please
  7. Got lv 91 with this script. Going for 99 eventually but i want the pet so im doing agility pyramid with Einsteins script. You could charge lots for a good pyramid script. Einsteins does some stupid shit and requires babysitting
  8. Could you move the paint for v3? or let us control it?
  9. I ran out of VIP and just purchased 30 more days. The bot client does not reflect this. Its acting like im not even VIP. I can't use looking glass or even see an option to use LG.
  10. Any updates? My VIP ran out and i just purchased another 30 days. Now my client isn't giving me the option to use looking glass.
  11. Bot is reading 1 slice of cake as 1 whole cake. I set minimum food requirements to 1. Bot will play half a round out with 1 slice of cake, eat it, see that requirement of 1 cake is not met and immediately leave to restock. This is wasting about half a round worth of wt every time I run out of food. Anyway to avoid this? If I up the required food to 2, wont the bot keep doing this while i have 1 cake left?
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