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  1. You need to make your bot look like a real player. Don't use recycled proxies. Don't use IPs that have bans for botting. Don't make multiple accounts in one week on one IP.
  2. Yeah that's just a coincidence lol. I've had this screen name since I was in 7th grade. Cloudnine means euphoria.
  3. Haha yeah. You pretty much encouraged me to come back.
  4. Ah. I just learned of this. I've been away for a while. Well I suppose I'll have to make something else then. xD
  5. I'm back again. I wanted to address a few things people message me about quite a bit. I'm likely going to start scripting again. I'm better at programming now. (HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, C#) At one point I had a pretty nice auto mercher released. I might rewrite it if I see that it's profitable. I also had a clay humidifier up, I've had about 30 messages asking if I would update it, I'll probably rewrite that as well. Why did I leave? I was impatient, thus started to lose money. I also wanted to try new things for a while. Why have I returned? I miss TRiBot, and it's time to start making
  6. I don't feel like going through a bunch of trouble to buy BTC. I'd like to buy 0.03668 BTC with PayPal. We can discuss the price through Skype. My Skype is benoit.alexander Edit: I will be buying a lot more in the future. Eventually I will need thousands of dollars in BTC each month.
  7. I'd probably make my own virtualization software. The resources wouldn't be shared. You'd have your own dedicated RAM.
  8. Cloudnine

    VPS Pricing

    What do you think a VPS with the following processor should cost monthly? Intel Core i7 4th gen 3.4Ghz (x8 Core = 27.2Ghz) (Price Per GB of RAM)
  9. I'm not using this thread to sell, and $150? Lol. That's why you would approve only ones from trusted people. Anything else would be denied if not handled through eBay/Amazon.
  10. I think we should add a hardware category to the blackmarket. Pros It would benefit everyone. No dealing with eBay. It would help people get better hardware for running more bots. Thus resulting in more script purchases, and overall boosting the economy by 0.00001394% (Just kidding.) Our competitors pretty much all have one. Cons None. To avoid scams, staff would simply approve/deny posts. Plus the deals could be done through eBay/Amazon/etc.. if the user isn't trusted. My family owns a computer shop, and we get really cheap hardware. I don't want to deal with eBay, so I'
  11. What exactly are you looking for? (Spec wise)
  12. Price is negotiable, make sure to confirm with me before trading over Skype.
  13. Buying Bulk(5m+) 07GP 2.2/m Reply to thread then Skype me. (Skype button in siggy)
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