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  1. Does it feature blood runes? Also you may want to edit out the "lifetime subscription" option, since that doesn't exist anymore on Tribot.
  2. Around 3 years ago I used to bot extensively and never got caught (until I suicide botted). I know that this was partly down to looking glass and my other botter friend always told me it was essential. So where is it now? I can't see it in my client. I've got VIP edition (the 2nd highest priced one). None of the subscriptions seem to mention LG though EDIT: NVM, found it, you need VIP extended. Delete this if you wish mods.
  3. Yes I mean the paint isn't showing up! I've found it, thanks.
  4. I have no idea how to get the GUI to turn on. Can anyone help? I see that the main post Aropupu says this: "Script arguments: last = Will use the last saved settings. When you use this argument, the script will start without a GUI." But it doesn't really help me.
  5. What would the profit/hr (or the kills/hr if you prefer) roughly look like with 85 mage and 92 range? I tried Zulrah with 75 mage and it was a real struggle, I imagine with 85 it will be so much better.
  6. When changing the delays is -1 the least delays, or is -5? I want to reduce the delays. Also what is better, ticking quick delays or simply using the scale from -1 to -5? What happens when both are used in conjunction? Thank you.
  7. I've heard it's essential. Had a few friends who didn't use it and got almost insta-banned. I've only used LG and never been banned, only caught once (2 day temp ban). Some users on the forums say that LG doesn't matter at all though. But I'm going to go by what my IRL friends say, which is use LG.
  8. Hey can you add Mahoganys for the custom spot?
  9. Experiments are one of the safest spots. Nobody goes there and the bot works well there. My friend and I both botted from ~40ish combat stats to 60+ at experiments. Way better than sandcrabs because nobody will report you there, sandcrabs are packed though and full of people who will report you.
  10. I can't risk turning off LG. I've heard it's essential. Also people that I know who didn't use LG were banned. Either way I'm not turning it off. No offence but every other premium script appears to work with LG. As for checking the delays in Bot Debug, that will have to wait because my trial has ran out. Thanks for replies though, I really hope we sort this out.
  11. Ahh well I actually guessed as much and already tried that, it wasn't any faster. How much exp/hr do you get with the script (Mahogany tables)?
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