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  1. Hello everybody, I'm looking to hire a private scripter here on TRiBot. I will only showcase the script on Skype or Discord. My Skype name is "cameifoot", and you can pm me for for my Discord ID! I already have this script on another botting platform, but i'd want someone to re-write it so it works for TRiBot as well as adding some features and fixing some bugs. Kind regards
  2. jarnmanrs

    WB Farmer BETA

    Can you add my skype cameifoot, I have need some help if you are able to give some
  3. Hello Tribot Community, I'm in need of two scripts. If you add me on Discord or Skype we will discuss the price etc. DO NOT contact me if you are not willing me to give me the .jar file. The script being on the SDN is not enough. Skype: cameifoot Discord: PM on forums and i'll add you. Payment methods: RS07 gp, btc, eth
  4. Bug report, Waterfall Quest The account gets stuck when using glarias peble on the thingy. It doesnt enter the waterfall dungeon either.
  5. What information do you want me to give you? It might be hard to gather data since this does not occur every time.
  6. Also: If you have 1 space in inventory and the bot loots the chest, the other items will fall on to the ground. It just teles to clan wars. Make it eat food to loot it
  7. I am very dissapointed in your work @Netami. This script has so much potential but you've ruined it... I selected to use Range gear on Ahrims and it tries to kill it with Magic.. Pretty much impossible to kill ahrims with tank gear - Please fix man
  8. @daxmagexAlso tries to switch to the tournament world(s). Which will get it stuck. Also the tick manipulation bug still exists.
  9. @daxmagex When you do black chins and brought tick manipulation stuff and the bot dies or re-banks it will not get swamp tars, guams and pestle and mortal.
  10. jarnmanrs

    Dice bot?

    Honestly though, fix your shitty scripts,
  11. jarnmanrs

    Dice bot?

    Not giving you a pennie, stupid script kiddie. I'm smart enough so I used your "trial" and I realized it didn't work. Here are some tutorials that you might find useful:
  12. jarnmanrs

    Dice bot?

    Well that's a nice UI you have right there lmfao Perhaps you should do some design testing?
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