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  1. I'm only using one account and I run into it very often. And I'm not super fast switching worlds, I've doing the same thing as last 2 years. I used to be able to hop all day long without any issues (as long as the hops didn't happen super fast). After the release of the new elven quest, they changed how it works and now I'm running into the "Too many login attempts" an insane amount of times a day. Only thing I've found out to mitigate this is whenever you get that message, take a one hour break and you'll be able to hop for one hour again before getting the same message again.
  2. This. After a certain time of world hopping, you'll start getting hit with "too many login attempts". If you take a small break, you can login again but soon you'll run into the same message again. It takes a couple of hours to reset completely again. Their old system was way better than this
  3. Does anyone know how much time it needs to reset the worldhop limit? If your account hasn't logged in for a certain time (which I'd like to know) you can hop a couple of hours without any issues. But after a certain amount of time you'll get hit with "Too many login attempts" all the time.
  4. It's either something with the servers, or they changed the times you can world hop. Also seeing a couple of posts about this on reddit popping up.
  5. Guess I'll have to add all of them then, thank you
  6. Could anyone give the Item ID for a bird's nest on the ground? So I can loot it, I've checked an item database and there are multiple bird's nests id's so I don't know which one is the right one.
  7. I really appreciate all the fine work you put into this script , keep up the good work.
  8. I want to say I saw it with a bronze pickaxe equipped again in the Motherlode mine, I only have a rune pickaxe (can't wield) and it was banked and probably took out a bronze pickaxe from the boxes and equipped it.
  9. So far I haven't run into this issue again. Smooth like always currently. I'll post if I see it with a bronze pickaxe again. Oh I just noticed you only posted this 30 minutes ago so I don't think I'm already running the updated version.
  10. I've also had this on the regular client. No other pickaxes in my bank, it took a bronze pickaxe from the boxes around. It wields it and continues. While it has banked my rune pickaxe.
  11. Haven't had any bans this week, Weath must be on vacation?
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