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  1. happens sometimes when i press enter too fast on the first one. Try to wait 4 sec before pressing enter and see how that works out for you
  2. tell me the name of the legit person who buys it for 2,6 -.- OT: i might buy in the future.
  3. Yeah i thought about this myself. Support.
  4. there's an option to check, where you redeem it. Also what do you mean by no eoc
  5. Username: Imsmarter Reason: "mass spamming" Issueing authority: Fallen shadow aka the power abuser. Points: 4 Explanation: I received 2 points issued by mat the 15th june for spamming. After that I slowed down, and posted with caution, when suddenly this power abuser comes in and issues me with 4 points for reassuring a guy that he's alright. (I said don't worry). The thing is that the post that i was issued 4 points for was a post that i had made 8th of june, so this guy went grave digging, and I had already been issued points for that time, and this guy gave me points after everything was fine. Also who the fuck issues points for something that has been done for fucking 10 days ago, this is ridiculous. I hope to see this power abuser get demoted very soon, this guy obviously doesn't know how to be a moderator.
  6. why would someone sell for 5 dollars when they cost 8?
  7. Just shows how much of an idiot you are, if you were him, then you would have gotten banned as well -.- lmfao idiot. Also no i'm not asking him to fix everything 24 / 7 , but 4th of july, do you realise how long time that is -.- not close to 24/7 lmfao. i would have been for 1 week.
  8. i think he's just telling us not to trust him
  9. what do you think i do when the bot is working? Oh yeah ofc i have to babysitt it because it's shit
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