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  1. Hahahaha, awesome! The new panel was just released as a hidden update, as I was too tired yesterday to be able to make a proper announcement on its release. Thanks for the feedback. I will create an additional panel that instructs new users on how to configure the script for best results and maximum safety. Basically most if not all the settings are optimized by default, so it's safe to run the script out of the box. Perhaps you could enable AFK mode, so the script will take unexpected breaks while being logged in, to reduce efficiency and deviate from the pattern created by most scripts (maximum efficiency 100% of the time). Thanks for using my software - more updates coming soon, so stay tuned!
  2. Awesome, congratulations! Would appreciate if you could post a review in the store on this script.
  3. Einstein

    Basic Miner

    I've edited the comment posted above.
  4. Einstein

    Basic Miner

    Ignores it, so please have enough waterskins in your inventory. The script is scheduled to be re-written soon, and the new version will have improved features for handing this. Please proceed with caution.
  5. Sure, please follow the thread for updates. I'll try to address the issue as quickly as possible, but unfortunately it might take a few days, because my schedule is very busy at the moment.
  6. Einstein

    Going all in

    @CyberWizard Awesome, thanks for the shout out, and congratulations on your achievements!
  7. Issue will be solved in a future update, thanks for the report.
  8. Sure, I'll post on this thread, but unfortunately it's going to take a few days since my schedule is packet at the moment. Thanks!
  9. Thanks, I'll try to solve the issue as quickly as possible.
  10. Hey, please follow the instructions posted here in order to solve this issue:
  11. Thanks, will review the issue shortly.
  12. Yes, thank you. Can you please what exactly is not working? Does the script just idle at this tree?
  13. Of course, the next update will address this issue as well. There are a lot of things under development right now. I already have a clear idea of what is causing this bug, as it has already been reported, but just for good measure can you please copy-paste the contents of the debugs (after the issue occurs)?
  14. Issue will be solved in the newly opened Discord ticket.
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