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  1. Currently not, but that's a great idea so thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Thanks for the bug report, reviewing it as soon as possible.
  3. Thanks for the bug reports. The new version will be live in a few hours.
  4. The much waited update is finally live! Many of the reported bugs have been fixed, and the codebase has been improved with many smaller changes. Feel free to submit any suggestions for future improvements!
  5. Oh, that's a different story. Usually the script will try to teleport to the closest location then walk to the course. If this message was being displayed while the player was actually on the course, it means that for some reason the position couldn't be read correctly. I will check this out later. In the meantime feel free to ignore the warning message since it doesn't affect script execution at all. To answer your XP/H question: the antiban is slowing down the XP rates. You can disable some of the features from the GUI, but that's not recommended.
  6. Which other means of teleportation would you suggest?
  7. Woodcutting, such a fine choice for your first script. Classic I like the paint and the layout of the thread, but most importantly I like your enthusiasm and positive vibes. So I went ahead and featured this thread since it's clearly something awesome going on here. Happy coding!
  8. Unfortunately, the update has been delayed for tomorrow. Thanks everyone for your patience.
  9. There is a pending update tomorrow. If the issue still persists afterwards, please post a new comment on this thread or send me a message. Thank you.
  10. As the error messages says, you need to purchase a VIP subscription in order to run multiple scripts at once. https://tribot.org/pages/pricing If you weren't trying to run more than one script, the issue is caused by a "ghost instance". If that's the case, please restart your computer (to ensure that all TRiBot processes are shut down) and wait 30 minutes.
  11. Issue under review. I'll send you a PM later. Thanks.
  12. The next update should fix this issue, and it's going live in a few hours. Thank you for your patience.
  13. I would suggest werewolf course since it's probably the safest - there are fewer players doing it.
  14. Einstein


    Dispute complete.
  15. Still under review. Feel free to follow the thread for updates.
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