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  1. 4m osrs gp Will only go first if you're ranked. PM me
  2. @testing1 - Correct, it's for per auth(s) and not a private script as it's a good public knowledge already. Apologies, I did write this initially but I must have deleted it.
  3. Since USA's script is no longer working, are there any replacements for the Lava dragon bot? The alternative on other bots are of poor quality in my experience and has got bans within 10 mins of use. Request: A Lava Dragon bot Description: Teleport to Corp cave and exit to wilderness, run north to Lava Dragon spawns. There are a few safespots there so people with lvl 13 magic can camp it. Collect all loot (average 20-30k a kill) then when full (and used looting bag if there is one, go back to lvl 30 wilderness and teleport to edgeville or a bank using a teleport. Repeat and teleport out when any white dots within the attackable range is spotted/detected. Payment Amount: If ABC10 etc and all general anti-ban measures are in place, this script is worth $8-15 per Instances. It's possible to earn between 200k to 1m/phr based on mage levels and spell used and is guaranteed by alch costs and prayer/hide costs. Time: N/a Additional: While scripts exist on other bots, the anti ban is severely lacking.
  4. So today it will get stuck on picking up potions from the barrels When using LG client: bot: It was stood infront of the barrels, withdrew overloads but not absorbs. If the zoom is too much in, it will not rotate or move to find the next action, instead it will hove the mouse over the text box for example- adjust camera zoom is enabled Stopped the script and restarted seemed to fix it It entered the dream then just stood there on status drinking absorption but then would not drink any and just take the hits till it died and stays stuck on here regardless what I try. Was working ok yesterday no settings changed. If I manually drink potions, its stull stuck on drinking absorbs @Naton - I've restarted the client and deleted hooks
  5. Holy crap I was not expecting an update that quick!
  6. Unless I'm missing it in the settings, is there a way when picking up a powerup (like powersurge) to not actually move while it's in use? I find running back to the original spot, then using it can be a waste of the powerup. I can't replicate my other issue again so may just be one off @Naton
  7. Yes if I notice it again, i will record. thanks
  8. @Naton Noticed it will spam click the map sometimes before getting into the dream/when moving. Using LG- is this due to LG?
  9. How did it go? Compared to a few years ago, you have to be a little more patient and clever. Can't bot as long as you could before. For you, expect many bans. Find a way to rebuild your farm in days, perhaps have accounts ready to replace the banned ones. Depending on what you bot, some things can last you months-years, others hours.
  10. What's your end goal? GP for fun on your main or for IRL profit? o
  11. proxy fish lets you swap an IP once a month. swap it, try it out on a new account for a few days. If it's still alive then, you know it has some life.
  12. All correct! Either way it all comes down to the golden rule. Don't do dodgy stuff on accounts you care about and find a way to transfer your farm wealth to legit mules without direct trades. @Gusto the real (and in my opinion) only reason to use proxy is to avoid chain bans. It doesn't prevent it
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