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  1. running windows 11 on a 3060, why is the client moving slowly from logging the bot in to the actual scripts moving slowly?
  2. I have this laptop and disabled the touchpad but even at the log in screen, the mouse almost to a crawl. it takes forever logging in and putting in bank pin. This is across multiple scripts. inaccurate clicks, laggy. I think it's client based and not with the scripts themselves cause on my desktop its running smoothly. help, please? I am running Win 11, is that supported? Dell g15 bump...
  3. crashing before start, any advice? Nevermind, but hey, is there a reason we can't take cannon in for solos?
  4. Nice, Thanks! Just noticed onyx bolt drop was missed. Not sure if it's in the loot list but thought I'd mention it. Great script BEG!
  5. Each time it goes to use dragon claws the bot continously clicks at 30%, I had to stop using claws cause of that. Am I setting something up wrong?
  6. Hi, script is working great this past month with slayer but I can't get it to alch noted magic longbows while cannoning! It just keeps cannoning and says sleeping once it runs to safe spot. Can you let me know whats wrong? I want to buy another month but I might go with slayer bot if I cant get this down packed and I already have all my saved set ups on this script. Thanks
  7. Got it, thanks. Also, It just recently started but when equipping armor in the bank it goes back and forth on the armor tab and never equips. Am I doing something wrong? Hey, It's been doing the same thing for 3 days now, It banks, deposits loot and then just toggles worn items / hide items. huge red flag for jagex to catch botting. had I not been monitoring I'm sure I'd be banned. Also caught a charge check going on for a min, had to reset script. Anyways, have a good weekend, just an update on issues I'm having. [18:12:35] Login bot succeeded. BackgroundColor[
  8. Hi, great script so far but I can't use it properly and no forums seem to be helpful...I keep getting asked for a magic short bow which isn't in my set up. So I go and buy a short bow, now it keeps wielding both the short bow and swamp trident in a loop after a run while banking. and is it supposed to bank every trip? please help, thanks. [23:27:23] 4948 darts and 7470 scales in blowpipe. [23:27:23] Toxic blowpipe has 4948 charges. [23:27:23] Toxic blowpipe has 7470 charges. [23:27:23] Checking charges in Trident of the swamp BackgroundColor[
  9. this is so retarded, i should've read more pages before buying...you wont even address the teleport issue at the home portal , they just stand there and not step out....this scripts a waste unless u want to just run the who time like a free bot...blame it on tri if you want but you should at least advertise what works and doesn't properly..and the speed for using my own alter is just slower than molasses, no point in that kind of xp, saw him stand for 3-4 min before burying a bone and lighting stands...anyways my rants done, and im not one to leave them but for $2...come on u must be getting
  10. please update the camera angles for the tunnels, i shouldn't have to baby it, its been like this for 1/2 of the wks ive had it..are you going to extend our time or anything cause this is bull for a bot that was re approved and i do like it but im losing a lot of time while and increasing the ban rate with us just standing there....
  11. Thanks, fixed it. Hey quick question. is there a way you can give the option to deposit the items in the bank with the "all" feature for that particular item, it looks kinda bot like since no one rly just deposits exactly 123 coins you know.. just putting it out there, also can there be a random feature for the order the brothers are killed in? I keep switching it up every so often to not make it look botty. One last thing, idk if it matters but when in the tunnel would it be better to just click the door to go through it instead of clicking walk then selecting the door. just seems like
  12. cant get 1 run and the trials almost up,wth. just standing in tunnels saying, walking to torag [18:54:18] Multiplying all ABC2 sleeps by 1.0 Min eat: 55 [18:54:26] TUNNEL: Torag also is there a way to melee tunnel kills? or does it have to be based on which brother is in there ?
  13. I'd like a refund or credit please Mute. This script is great but I feel the potion issue is just being ignored. fmtrick is right, if I select Super str first it uses the pot but then my super attack wont be used.
  14. Hi, Mute. I hate to bring it up again but I have 13 super str and super att potions and only the super att are being used. I figured it would fix itself until I came back to a few super att pots finished and none of the str. Am i doing something wrong on my end?
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