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  1. yalian26

    Tips to start

    Yes, I know they will not share methods, and they did not expect that, but as you did, general advice, I thought I could use my machine and place several private ips, is not it better to use my hardware? since he spends the whole day encedida while I work (as a programmer, it is not very heavy more than the IDE)
  2. yalian26

    Tips to start

    Good people, could anyone give me advice? I want to start a farm I have a quite powerful pc with Ryzen 2700X with 16gb of ram, ram I can increase it if necessary, I am a programmer so I could make my own bots, but before I start I would like to listen to people who already have experience, favor
  3. @Assume can u do add a function inside of guthans, when is activate, detect when is degraded then do a logout or stop the script pls?
  4. ohh u use the daxweb, so, i just need to put the bank tile to the for example, fresh crawler room and he go?
  5. Until tomorrow, I understand
  6. Buying 10 prime code 900k ea
  7. It gives a little bit of pain, but I wanted to ask a question, or rather, to ask for help, I want to start earning some dollars to migrate say at least about $ 500, through gambling since I am from Venezuela it is almost impossible to get them here by Economy, I started gathering for this bot, which has not given me much (not the bot, it's the isp), and I'd like to know if anyone could help or guide me to start. PD: public here because I know that probably in another section of the forum ignore me xD PD2: @Worthy in some occasions I do not know if they are for "lagspike" the bot sto
  8. Incredibly quick response to the problem, thank you very much, i'll try it. @Worthy
  9. Not works for me... http://prntscr.com/faya3y http://prntscr.com/faya85
  10. Have a question, why dont use the half summer pies for the shortcut? only use the complete summer pie Dx, and stop it when run out those..
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