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  1. poems own

    [P] Scripter

    Lemme guess. Climbing boots
  2. This script causes extremely high cpu usage and causes issues with running in large amounts. Please fix this. It makes the client so laggy
  3. Does this support arguments ? I am trying to load a profile via argument using progressive.
  4. Is there no more mule support ? I do not see any place to put the mules name for F2P Suicide mode and it continues to try and find a mule
  5. Congrats on making tribot #1
  6. hey guys so I have few issues Ive made 3 zulrah bots and can't seem to last past 30m profit I bot for about 1 hour - 1hour and 35 mins with 30-50 min breaks And usually have only been able to do 4 hour proggies...
  7. hey bro. I added you on discord to have access to this being done or using the beta
  8. This is amazing. I can not believe it is truly happening!
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