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  1. I found the answer; the "allow once" thing after 20 mins to your website etc... Is there any way the bot can just allow everytime without even asking? I know the "allow everytime exists" but that means that the first time you need to find it in the first place
  2. Hey. Can you change the minimum price of a game to 18k. Absolute joke for every kid who turns up, spams their bot at 15k/16k.. ruins it for the rest of us. Usually 20k is good enough but i can accept 18k since alot of legits charge that rate too. ...Only just started but i'm babysitting. Feel like name dropping cause they are the ones probs on the forums saying how the minigame has turned to shit
  3. " [13:42:21] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Cannot run script. " Huh? I havent had this script long at all? lol Dw after loads of fiddling I got it to work again
  4. @erickho123, Does this mean if i buy your script and i blowpipe with void that absorption will be just as good as pray melee? i'm 80 def
  5. Hi, Experiencing major bugs on the door to the animated mith also a problem with the animated mith... i lost two sets of armour by it leaving the room etc.
  6. Note: the exp and the location... beast. http://imgur.com/nlHVDuU /
  7. Is there going to be any improvements any time soon? I really want a script like this for motherload, since i have completed the hard diary, yet clearly not keen on losing a good account.
  8. "The Seer's Village Agility Course become a viable option at those levels with a maximum of 46,6k XP/hour or 58k XP/hour if you have completed the kandarin hard diary to toggle the camelot teleport to seers bank, then teleport as soon as you finish a lap. The extra marks of grace that you get from completing laps faster, more than covers the cost of the law runes to teleport. This is the fastest agility training method until 90 agility where the ardougne course is slightly better." Can we have support for this? Makes a massive difference + less time in the open = lower ban rates?
  9. Today i'm having problems with the door to the ladder for d def's Coming back from a trip it clicks on the potion shop despite the door being shut.
  10. Hopefully this is the correct thread this time............. Can you add support for summer pies perhaps so one can boost up (+5) to a better course?
  11. @moneyungz When you say you got 7k tokens at a time can you explain. Do you restart the script so that it keeps fighting cyclops (ie set a token level of 100) or do you set 7k and do you last 700 mins?
  12. Incredible script, decent cash (getting d'def). Favorite script (from an experienced botter from back in the day)... Cheers. On steady 80's for stats....
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