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  1. Sup everyone , im buying 150m 07 [ private message me ]
  2. before jagex went ham i had like 30+ yew bots in rimmington for a long time, made bank
  3. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/33149-abcl-10-exrunecrafter-fastest-aio-runecrafter-abyss-normal-masterslave-anti-pk-pouch-pickup-most-runesmethods-deathwalk/
  4. I'm not going to add antiban as it has never helped me and, in my opinion, it doesn't affect ban rates. If you want something with ABC 10, buy Worthy's construction script. Yes, I can fix those issues.
  5. I just did ardougne with gold-farming in mind
  6. You're running 31 accounts under one IP?
  7. You're right, my mistake for describing it like that. It works fine, it just wasn't as efficient as it could have been, which is understandable for a free script Thanks for maintaining this script
  8. I'm trying to give constructive criticism but if your response is "Don't use it then." then I don't really want to help I used it at 3 different types of salamanders so the specific type is irrelevant. The script works fine, it got me to 9-60 hunter. I'm only telling you what can be improved, if you have the time to change it. It's not essential
  9. This script isn't great. It's very poor at handling what to do when the inventory is full (it literally clicks salamanders in my inventoryt for 5+ minutes) and the order of actions is really messed up and really reduces xp/h while making bot-like movements. It's also very slow, hovering over a tree for 1-2 seconds before actually clicking it.
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