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  1. true i have been looking at the debug and gathering the items for it - and tele tabs are just a bit out of reach for ironmen that wouldn't have these quests done
  2. For ironman, no worries. It would probably be more work than its worth. Thanks
  3. Would it be possible to make an option to use runes to tele rather than tabs :). Looks nice.
  4. is it possible to add the option to only pick up your own drops?
  5. Jonazun


    @Fluffee would it be possible for a Map UI to select where to walk? Its been requested a couple times, not sure how easy it would be
  6. Is it possible to disable the paint so that i can see chat box?
  7. Thanks for the quick fix - also where is the restore button i have been clsoing a restarting tribot 11 which can be annoying and was looking for a way around this?
  8. So it is when it's trying to smelt silver bars it goes to make steel bars, see below: [2020-07-20 07:17:52] Downloading script 'aSmither'. [2020-07-20 07:17:54] Script Started: aSmither. [2020-07-20 07:17:58] Login bot started. [2020-07-20 07:17:58] Login Bot: Login... [2020-07-20 07:18:21] Login bot succeeded. [2020-07-20 07:18:22] Login bot started. [2020-07-20 07:18:22] Login Bot: Login... [2020-07-20 07:18:23] Login bot succeeded. [2020-07-20 07:18:46] ff Silver bar - <col=ff9040>Steel bar</col>
  9. Basically you need a holy symbol mould in your inventory then you fill inventory with silver bars. Hit the alkarid furnace and click holy symbol. Bank and repeat.
  10. Could you add arguments - maybe the same as the selections in the UI?
  11. smelting options kindoff messed up just clicking the wrong bar
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