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  1. I tried the default one and one left from that. Wasn't sure if completely left (= no delay?) would be too risky to bot with.
  2. The bot keeps missing next game because it takes too long to click the board into the boat after previous game has ended. Any chance you could make this faster? Or do you reckon there's something wrong on my end? Other than that this seems flawless.
  3. This script stopped using overloads all of a sudden without me changing anything. Has anyone else got this problem? Or any idea what's causing it? Worked fine a day or two ago but now it just uses rock cake straight to 1 and never overloads. EDIT: Works fine when using looking glass. Guess there's some sort of bug in the regular client (at least on my end). EDIT2: Nevermind, it stopped using overloads again mid game. Anyone know what's causing this? I assume this is where it broke, and it's the only weird thing printed.
  4. Zebbiz

    Auto Miner

    Script was perfect the first time I tried it, but I can't get it to register middle mouse button clicks anymore. Any idea what might cause this?
  5. Seems like something has broken superheating? Worked perfectly before the whole tribot downtime thing. Now it superheats fine if I start with ores in inventory, but it will never continue superheating after banking, but the banking itself seems to work. It just stops doing anything, and there's no debug messages.
  6. Any chance for an option to not attack npcs that are already in combat even if training in multi? Very botlike in catacombs if it attacks npcs that someone is already killing. Or would just not ticking the multi option basically "fix" this without causing other issues? (didn't get to test it yet)
  7. Script works perfectly (at least for rock cake guzzling & playing a single game at a time), just bought it again. I wanted to try prayer flicking, but couldn't figure out how to select no prayers in the use prayer menu, could someone help me here?
  8. Definitely would not recommend this bot. I came back from a year+ break and used only this bot for less than 10 hours and got banned. Also died once but that might have been a fault in my settings. As for the bot itself it was flawless in the sense that it ran hours without problems. However it is VERY bot likely (for example a shitload of misclicks).
  9. Agreed. Can't understand why people crash a world with already 2 in it. I normally don't report anyone but these idiots I do. You realize that by reporting you're sending Jagex information on the bot. So it's easier to ban you... You're also being a douche Information on the bot? Not sure what you mean by that. I know it makes them more aware of the spot but there has already been jagex mods lurking around so that doesn't really matter.
  10. Agreed. Can't understand why people crash a world with already 2 in it. I normally don't report anyone but these idiots I do.
  11. It got stuck outside the bank after banking. I clicked on the minimap and then it continued normally. Edit: There was no errors in the debug box.
  12. Lobster cooking seems to be working fine. Only faults are the delays between actions and the script uses "failsafe #3" (happens when using lobster with the range) often without a reason.
  13. Start it in Varrock West Bank chisel in inventory uncut gems in first row of bank with your gems being visible. It should work. Edit: Decided to try it again and now it worked all of a sudden. Probably was some kind of client bug or something.
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