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  1. Not sure how safe the script is, I've received several bans using the script, that SAID the script is working wonderful taking logs out and reparing that method, ganing around 9 points per 10 minutes. where as previously i was looking at around 30 points a hour if lucky.
  2. Can i get a refund please? I accidentlky purchased believing it had Barb outpost support thinking Barb village was the same .
  3. It would be greatly beneficial, especially for mid day games of pest control where the games seem to go on longer, meaning more chance of no zeal rewards. Honestly, Thank you so much for the response though, its nice to see a content creator who is so on top of wanting to have their script succeed and overjoy customers.
  4. Wow! Thanks for the amazingly quick response, As others have said possible the addition of banking to take out logs every 5 or so games, may keep that from being a issue, or possibly have it so it trades a mule account for logs just outside the boat or in the boat, but other than that of the top of my head I have no suggestions. I am absolutely amazing at that quick response though! Thank you!
  5. Having some struggle interms of activity, whist using the repair method, I have a low hp prodded G-MAUL'er on the novice boat, and it just can't seem to keep the activity up with cutting logs. Don't get me wrong, it succeeds occasionaly, And i did make over 300 zeal overnight with it, however, of the last 4 games i've baby sat, it has failed 3 of them to keep the activity bar high enough to earn zeal. I believe it is possible due to competition when cutting logs? and possibly game times taking too long. However, was wondering if their is a way to make it more successful? or anyway to find pest control CC's. that i could make use of this in, and not get kicked from?
  6. Bot seems to have issue on purchasing? does everything right until it comes to adding the quantity in? where it spams the log with the quantity needed but doesn't add it into the game dialogoue
  7. Here is a quick proggy report, Will update it if it continues to run till i get home from work.
  8. Just like to say a big shout out to USA for updating the script, It has ran incredibly well for me, i've had the odd death, but think that's from evading pvper's whilst looting, logging into a new world getting hit by a dragon and then a pvp'er logging in and killing me, not much can be done about this, but ran over 10 hours straight, its completely stable, is insanely good at evading! and decent money, the magic xp adds up quite nicely too. Just crossing my fingers for those visages to come rolling in.
  9. Im sure their are MANY MANY great money making ways / skills that could do with your services but as i've only recently got back into the community and rs. Maybe a white berry collector? I know its just collecting like feathers, but its much more gp / hour, you have traveling too and back from the wildy, evading pvpers ect
  10. I had sorted the issue in regards to it collecting items out the bank to go on the trip, however, it fails to even make it to lava dragons, it either gets stuck in a evading loop in which it evades by world hopping continiously, before then rebanking and running into the same issue, until elm's hit me, it then doesn't eat my chosen food despite taking them out the bank, and just dies. Haven't even managed to get it to get to the lava dragons as of yet
  11. @Usa Do you have any idea on how i can resolve my issues?
  12. Hi, I just purchased this script to use, it isn't working for me at all, I firstly ran into a issue with it failing banking, i then realised the items it needed had to be in the bank, Problem sorted I thought... time for it ot make me some money. But nope, it teleports me into the wildy, and then theirs a player, it logs out to evade the player, switches world, logs in, logs out switches world, and continues to do this for 3 minutes, the GUI then says banking, and it isn't doing anything at all. I help it out by teleporting to edgeville, it opens the bank up, and all of a sudden.. Failed banking repeatidly till it crashed.
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