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  1. Texan's Bar Smelter is flawless.
  2. How much will it cost to get a scripter to make a castle wars script?
  3. Hey! amazing script! I have now superheated in 3 days, longer than 24 hours, but about 10 hours a day. Has come from 30/64 smithing and 60/77 magic. Its steady on 63k xp / h Amazing script! Greetings Lorente
  4. Are there a Grinite power miner?
  5. Im 65 att (training 70 att) - 80 str - 70def. What is the best spot for me to train 99 strength with Combat AIO fighter [Premium Edition]?
  6. Selling 66,903 clays! PM ME: Cpt Lorente
  7. Hehe i botted 87 mining at mining guild with Coal without dc or nothing., its a perfect bot. on 2 days x 3 bots i earned 7,4m
  8. Aminer is just a perfect bot! 1. Complete all Randoms 2. 1/4 accounts i drived Clay mining on! 3. Best Mining script on the market!
  9. Hello guys. What is the best spot for Clay mining with aminer? and what is th eprofit/H Thanks!
  10. Lorente

    Clay miner?

    What is the best spot for Clay mining with aminer?
  11. Guys he is legit i just got FC i trusted hi with over 12m! and he got the F cape!!! trusted man!
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