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  1. Theres a message saying ERROR, Please check your internet connection and your DNS settings Whats the next step? Please.
  2. b.perocruzat


    I just bought LG VIP and prayer script, and nothing os working on this site, i asked for help and i didnt get it. Theres so many stepts to make the bot work, such as downloading diffetent java "jdk" and its very complicated. It just doesnt work for me and i wasted half a day. with all due respect i would like to get a refund please.
  3. Hello there, im trying to figure out out how run tribot (looking glass). Right now is not workingg for me with Runitelite and OSBUDDY Please help, Thank you
  4. trying to use this bot, i paid for something that doesnt work correctly its kinda anoying. Every option you choose, the bot cut only normal logs, and i use the option OAKS, like im seriously not stupid and it still cutting normal logs, i deleted all the tasks and still Paid for this? ffs
  5. So yea theres another way to make LG work with another servers. I tried it and it does work, but all script LIKE exnightmarezone are broken, so i paid for something that it hasnt been working for the past 7 days, i just want my money back please.
  6. b.perocruzat


    So its been like 5-6 days that last uptade broke LG. I dont wanna be dat guy, its time to get money back? I havent see anything possitive about this.
  7. Whats gonna happen with the days we paid? Dumb question? Im new.
  8. Hello there. My LG id not working since yesterday. I dont know if it is only me or anyone else. If you know how to fix it please help me Best regards
  9. Hello there, i was using looking glass 2 hours ago and now i try to open it and it doesnt work, it doesnt recognize it. Im getting the message "No runescape client was found" which is wierd because i was literally using it 2 hours ago and the days before it. Now it just doesnt work, hope some of you guys please help me. Best regards
  10. Is it legal client? Like with OSBUDDY? i dont wanna get banned
  11. Hello guys, i hope you can help me. I just bought looking glass plus exnightmarezone script. Whats my problem? the script works great, but it doesnt click on anything, i mean i even try to click with the looking glass on and i cant. so thats why the bot is not working. Im doing something wrong? Please help me.
  12. I hope they solve it fast, we are actually paying to use those scripts.
  13. I cant start NMZ, always used the same things and numbers, and now it says that i have to check a blank or improper letter, heres my setting if someone can help me please.
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