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  1. Hello I seem to be having a problem with sigma magic. I bought it a couple of days ago and everything was working just fine at first. I use sigma magic for enchantment level-5 to enchant dragonstone amulets. As I said it was fine at first but now it is really bugging. When I run the script it dosnt seem to recognize my bank/supplies that I have. After I start to run the script It right clicks my dragonstone amulets in the bank and freezes. (I am sure I have the runes and everything for enchantment level-5 spell) It then proceeds to tell me that it has ran out of supplies and ends the script. If you could help out in any way possible that would be great! thank you
  2. I literally bought vip and a script a day ago. I hope this gets fixed soon lol
  3. Hello I need help with something that is probably a simple solution. When I try to run Tribot loader the only java version that appears in the dropbox is version 6. I have downloaded version number 8, please help?
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