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  1. I've just submitted an update that will print out some extra debug in the case that the stuck failsafe triggers. I have a failsafe already implemented for the npcs not attacking but I am not sure why it isn't triggering. Please send me the debug again and the image just like you did, if you experience this again.
  2. Heres a gif of getting the debug on tribot 10. Its the same general idea on tribot 11 as well. https://i.imgur.com/JruOAaz.gif
  3. Can you post the debug here? Im guessing you may have mistakenly selected stringing bows instead of cutting them
  4. Close out the tribot loader and it should unfreeze the client
  5. Naton

    nRogues Den

    Close the tribot loader if its open to prevent the client from freezing, then wait 15 minutes for the ghost instance to timeout within tribot
  6. Can you send me whats in the console?
  7. Did you configure your inventory in the GUI? Can you take a gif of this?
  8. The new store should be working and I believe tribot requires VIP to run > 1 account
  9. Unfortunately the new system only allows scripters to set the single auth price and tribot is trying to add a global discount for bulk auths. This system doesnt provide a lot of flexibility that is required to accommodate every type of botter
  10. I responded to your private message: If you purchased the script in the new store and you can't find it in the tribot client, could you try opening a tribot support ticket/contacting fluffee/posting on the new store forum thread? That stuff is entirely handled by tribot and there's sadly not much I can do to help with that.
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