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  1. I'll think about it. I'm really busy right now and not looking to make anything new at the moment but I will keep it in mind.
  2. If you enable these settings (withdraw-all on left click, press escape to close interfaces) in-game the script should automatically do that
  3. You can find a bit more info on this issue here https://community.tribot.org/topic/83552-the-maximum-amount-of-instances-for-this-script-has-been-surpassed/
  4. Naton


    You don't meet the criteria for a script dispute, sorry. Please re-read the topics in this section of the forums.
  5. Check if the script supports script arguments - this is the standard for script automation There was a period of roughly 15 minutes where nRestocker was not working this morning. It has since been resolved.
  6. It's not down, could you elaborate on what you mean by it won't run? Is there anything in the debug?
  7. It uses TRiBot's CLI arg to launch clients, which unfortunately doesn't support osbuddy at the moment
  8. @yoyi4001 Thanks I will look into it @yoyi4001 Thanks for the report. I submitted a fix for this issue - looks like when it was teleblocked and trying to leave the cave this could happen.
  9. If you could get a gif of this happening with the full screen visible that would be great. Even a screenshot, if you can't get a gif, would be better than nothing. Edit: I just tested and it's working for me (with ring of wealth on/off), any other info you could provide would be great. The full debug (not a screenshot) would help too. Here's how to get the full debug easily. https://i.imgur.com/JruOAaz.gif
  10. Do you happen to remember what the status was in the paint when it was sitting here? Try enabling ring of wealth and see if that helps.
  11. Does the script end? Can you send the debug? If the script doesn't stop, can you take a gif?
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