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  1. Breaking is handled within tribot's break manager - you then select the break profile when you start the script in tribot
  2. Probably using absorptions with a rock cake where you don't rock cake immediately at 2 hp but wait till like 3-5 or something
  3. I'm honestly not sure how it'll run with just guthans off the top of my head. It's really meant to either use food/absorptions/prayer potions. You could try out the trial to see if it works out
  4. Pause the script if you want to interact with the game yourself
  5. Tribot handles all of this - if you are still missing the script after restarting the client you could try opening up a support ticket at the tribot help desk
  6. It's hard to say why that would happen without the debug/your settings
  7. If this method requires anything special like it has to lure the ardy knight or something then it won't support it. It can splash/attack something on screen from a safespot.
  8. Most premium scripts offer trials for reasons similar to this - nCrafter offers a 90 minute trial
  9. I've refunded your auth since you haven't used the script and just purchased it. It's something I'd like to add but it is lower priority and I'm really busy right now
  10. The settings at Advanced Preferences -> Methods -> Alching -> Keep mouse still while alching, if possible, is enabled by default. You can disable this if you don't like that behavior.
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