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    This script has been on the repo for almost three years at this point but never had a forums thread. Activate here: https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/3025 Supports all logs. Can make fires literally anywhere in the game by analyzing the nearby area to determine the best locations. Has a ton of customization.
  2. Briefly looked through some of the code: - Your access modifier usage is inconsistent/ignored - you'll almost always want to use the most restrictive access modifier you can. - Like Jamie said, your cooker doesn't look complete. - https://github.com/Whipz/OpenSource/blob/main/cannonballer/core/grandexchange/ExchangeBoxes.java You should never store rs objects in static variables like that. Access them when you need them. Also looks like its mixing static/instance variables? - You also tend to use static variables a lot. A lot of other scripters use static variables t
  3. Found the issue, will be fixed in the next release
  4. I recommend checking out the tribot discord, there's a channel specifically for scripting and programming related stuff (#programming). People are much more active there than on the forums
  5. I have a pull request open with a fix, just waiting on another developer to approve it
  6. I think I see what could cause this. I'll have a fix out in the next release Edit: btw you could shorten that query to Query.gameObjects().tileEquals(rock.getTile()).idEquals(rock.getId()).isAny()
  7. Are you using touch mouse again similar to
  8. What operating system are you using? Hop in the tribot discord and open a support ticket if you're still having trouble, someone will assist you.
  9. Update your project settings in intellij to use java 11, looks like you have it set to java 8
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