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  1. I don't think it'd be worth the effort (there's not much reason to mine after a coal bag, maybe for antiban purposes as you said but that's debatable if it'd help or not) and my intention isn't to have this script be a mining script - it's a blast furnace script that supports getting a coal bag but if I were to add that in then people would try to use it solely as a MLM script
  2. Could you capture a gif of this superglassmake behavior by any chance? Edit: I've submitted a possible fix, please let me know
  3. You should be able to add alternatives to your gear by right clicking the item in the script GUI. These alternatives would be the other item ids you are fine with using.
  4. If you use looking glass only thru openosrs, launch a normal tribot client and let it load to the login screen, then retry
  5. It waits after making potions to simulate a reaction time. You can reduce this or disable it, search abc2 in advanced preferences and something along the lines of abc2 reaction time scale should come up. Drag it to 0 to disable.
  6. Yes there are settings to press escape and space in advanced preferences, try searching "space" and "esc" and they should come up. Think it's under the efficiency category. I also believe there's a setting to choose to click the closest one, do you have that selected?
  7. I believe theres a setting in advanced preferences to pick up the glass on the ground. Try searching glass
  8. isPresent is a method in Optional, not Query. Query.isAny() is functionally the same as Query.findFirst().isPresent(). The query system is the only way to access some entities such as Npcs, but for things like inventory, the query system would be for more involved searches where Inventory.contains(name) doesn't cut it (Inventory.contains(name) actually uses the query system internally).
  9. What is a query/the query system? The query system is an easy-to-use, flexible, and powerful way to search for entities. This should be used any time you want to find some entity (think like some type in the package org.tribot.script.types). Visit the Query documentation to see all types that can be queried over (filter to show only static methods). An individual query allows you to search over a specific entity. An example is an NpcQuery. An NpcQuery allows you to query over Npcs. The corresponding type is listed in the documentation, and can generally be deduced from the query clas
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