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  1. Unfortunately this isn't supported and I don't plan to add it in. It would definitely be nice to have, but not many people have gilded altars in their own house so it doesn't provide too much value, and I'm quite busy at the moment.
  2. That sounds interesting. I'm quite busy at the moment so not if/when I'd be able to get to it. More likely to be added if there's a lot of demand.
  3. Welcome back! Yes you do have to build an item list. There is an experimental option to generate a list but no guarantees it will make a ton of money. Right click the item list to find the option. Otherwise you will have to provide them.
  4. nScripts recently broke 8 trillion total profit! See https://nscripting.com/stats To celebrate, all nScripts will be 18% off for the next two weeks, from 10/24 to 11/7. Go get some more gains! Discount code: 8T-NSCRIPTS
  5. Will look into this - any chance you could get a short gif of this delay (with abc2 reaction time scale at 0)? Edit: Might be fixed, the game message is different for broad arrows
  6. The only place you can use a cannon is rock crabs right? It'd be nice to support, but it's not something on my list at the moment. I don't think it provides too much value given that most people don't kill rock crabs anymore.
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