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  1. Not using GDK anymore, I have another method and it isnt to bad. 100k/Hr on a new account. Starting with 25 accounts to test the waters, will increase over time.
  2. Yes, I am. Just started actually.
  3. This was one of my greatest achievements of all time. Please get this to 10,000 views for my puppy Jerico.
  4. Thank you everyone for the 5,000th view+! I do not gold farm currently, but me and Twinki are in the making of a new setup........ WE WILL BE BACK WITH MORE STATS/PICTURES SOON! #Whyumad
  5. #IfeelFamous #MenchisaLegend #Iamlegend #Willsmith #SWAG Keep gold farming boys, make that $$$.
  6. Mench

    Buying R3 GP

    Need 100M, will pay in PP via verified personal account, can include photo ID as well as personal # to contact for all verification. MM will be used. NSU_Gold - Skype.
  7. We can discuss rate, or post them here. I have 100-200M in stock, need bit coins. Will go first if trusted, MM if not. NSU_Gold - Skype.
  8. Yes, the names of my accounts are [email protected], all the way up to 385. Yes, I do gold farm. How have I harmed anyone in OSRS? Gold has stayed pretty constant, if not rose over the past 6 months, and the only thing I am doing is adding onto a crash of a item so that players can get 99 herb cheaper. Why are you mad for? Not getting enough paper stacks? #Derpster. #Ilikehashtags #SWAG #Yeahbuddy #MAKEDISMONEY #Yourpoor
  9. You're a derp. These accounts will be banned by the morning, regardless of your "reports". Enjoy wasting your time? I think so. Keep doing what you're doing<3 while I keep making money. <3 P.S: 75% of the worlds are mine baby boy. /Stopderping.
  10. I have been having great luck with bans, sometimes accounts last 72 hours even, a great increase from the original 24 hours I did before. I am currently running 43 accounts, at 140k/hr, pulling about 102M a day in, with 25m going back into the farm.
  11. Yeah, mine lasted all through the weekend and allowed me to get 72 hours of straight botting in, paid off nicely. Also, I do not use VPN's or VPS's people.
  12. Serial vader? Uh...Check what I was banned for, and tell me. I scammed who? Also, if you clearly read...the reason I didnt get in trouble for the guns was because it was a airsoft gun. I have been suspended for it lol Also, I am not the bet botter, there are tons of people better then me with bigger farms, mine is minor and botting is hard at the moment
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