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  1. just got banned because he cant re-attach the Pickaxe head to the shaft... please fix this -.- he was running hours without a picaxe trying to mine coal
  2. hey, very nice script. but i happen to get a Swarm-random when i started it, and it just kept trying to mine coal when he was being attacked, and didnt run away till i forced it to run, if you could add something like "run as fuck when u get in combat" it would be an awesome script BigUp!
  3. bro... hands down, best script i've used since one i used back in the days on the normal RS. SO Flawless! i got a 15 hours proggie pic, but idk how to upload...
  4. hey, this look cool. but its not working, and also when i try to start fishing... it only gives me the option of Sharks or tuna/swordfish? i want to fish lobsters, and when i start it, it does absolutely nothing... it just stands there, tried to start at bank and at the fishing spots... fishing in catherby btw, help
  5. this is a sick bot, but i found something that u can fix (: It gets stuck on the Maze-random, it stood there for an hour, just clicking on the bag-icon that wasnt there (some icons are removed when u get that random). Other than that, its working like a charm <33
  6. it works alright, but i found some stuff that u could work on to improve (: 1. it dies vs evil chicken (fighting it without eating, and wont run away) 2. Doesnt take Frog-event 3. Runs around the Men-house a lot, instead of actually fighting when it says "Fighting" in the log. 4. Keeps moving while in combat (fighting Men) ill post more if i find any, but nice script :3 takes the edge off of training up ur noob-accs.
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