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  1. As with all good things, it's time for my tenure at TRiBot to come to an end. It's been an interesting several years to say the least, I've handled more support tickets than I can count, written tons of code and met a lot of very interesting people along the way. I'd like to thank you all for making my time here quite enjoyable, especially the rest of the staff who I've worked alongside. A big thank you to @TRiLeZ for the original opportunity, the income from TRiBot alone was a huge help to a poor Uni student. Not to mention the mountains of experience which has helped me land multiple jobs.
  2. This looks like it's been fixed
  3. Refund issued for the order: 9145
  4. Sadly, as per the votes from the team we're going to have to deny this application. Please take their comments into consideration and feel free to reapply at any time
  5. Under I believe the client menu there's an option to reset the OpenOSRS location which should allow you to repick the location.
  6. It looks like you might be trying to hook to a client that we currently do not support. In particular it looks like you're trying to have TRIBot open OSBuddy, whereas you'll instead want to have TRIBot open OpenOSRS as that's the main client we support for Looking Glass at the moment You can download OpenOSRS here: https://github.com/open-osrs/launcher/releases/latest/download/OpenOSRS.jar
  7. This error is the result of the discontinuation of TRIBot 10 and 11, please upgrade to TRiBot 12 to resolve this issue
  8. And here's a download link for that browser which might help you out: https://filehippo.com/download_maxthon/
  9. You might be able to find what you're looking for in the TRiBot install directory
  10. Closed as the script is no longer being maintained.
  11. @Jamie Thanks for handling this, it's always nice to have scripters resolve issues in a nice diplomatic manner. As for the refund, @gigiwest123 if you could provide me with your order number for the purchase of Jamie's script I'll be happy to issue a refund for the purchase
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