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  1. Greetings fellow botters, After weeks of initial beta testing by a small group of people and a careful candidate release cycle, we feel we're finally ready to make TRiBot 12 our official client. All major bugs have been quashed, and all the features from 11 have been moved over, resulting in the stable but fully featured client we aimed for. With that in mind we're pleased to announce an official release date for TRiBot 12 of November 30th, 2020. We thank you very much for your support, and we hope you are as pleased as we are with the new developments! Frequently Asked Questions What's happening to TRiBot 10 and 11? Now that TRiBot 12 has reached stability, we will be discontinuing TRiBot 10 and 11. Both TRiBot 10 and 11 will be discontinued on December 7th, 2020 What does discontinued mean? It means we will not only not be supporting TRiBot 10 or 11 anymore, but we will be disabling usage of the clients to force the transition to 12. To avoid any interruptions it's recommended to switch to TRiBot 12 before that time Will we still be working on TRiBot 12 after it's release? Of course! All that has changed is that TRiBot 12 is going to be the only version of TRiBot available, instead of TRiBot 10, 11 and 12 all being available. I have other questions, where can I ask them? Please post them here or on Discord, we'd be happy to answer them! All the best, The TRiBot Staff
  2. Dispute complete.
  3. You've been refunded!
  4. Per @Ark's comment and the refund policy if you can send me your order number I'll be happy to issue a refund!
  5. Once you have the Looking Glass client open, right click on the tab in the TRiBot client and select "Set Proxy"
  6. Sadly, at the moment this is a known bug, and a fix is being worked on and will be released as soon as possible. We have some things to fix on the Mac installer side before we can release the update. The following are a set of steps which should get you up and running in the meantime: Head to the C:\Program Files\TRiBot\tribot-gradle-launcher folder Right click the build.gradle file in that folder and open it with Notepad (as an administrator) Search for the phrase UseZGC (you can use Control+F to search) Replace it with UseShenandoahGC (alternative just do a find replace using the phrases from above) Save the file Relaunch TRiBot, with any luck it'll work!
  7. Script trial support is likely to return to the new store, albeit not yet. From what we can tell the current issue with script trials is limiting the user to only "buying" the trial once every x days. Once we get that figured out, TRiLeZ doesn't think there will be any issues adding trials back. Myself and TRiLeZ were working on implementing this a few days ago. At the moment though, this isn't high priority as our current main focus is TRiBot 12 to try and get that out the door as soon as possible and ensuring all other bugs with the new store are sorted out.
  8. We have now added an option to create a discount code equal to the value of all your old credits on the repository, then you can use the discount code to get that much off your next purchase. To convert your old credits to a discount code head to: https://repo.tribot.org/ and click the "Convert Credits to Store Discount" button. This will automatically convert your credits and present you with the appropriate discount code.
  9. Old credits can now be used to create discounts code for the new TRiBot store via the button at the top of the old repo (https://repo.tribot.org/)
  10. Fluffee

    old credits

    Old credits can now be used to create discounts code for the new TRiBot store via the button at the top of the old repo (https://repo.tribot.org/)
  11. With TRiBot 11 still going strong, and TRiBot X underway, we do still have users who prefer the older TRiBot 10. As such here's a download link to a launcher you can use to run TRIBot 10 (as the launcher for 10 and 11 are separate). Happy botting!
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