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  1. So when you remove your bluetooth USB device, the client screen goes black and then you can't use it? If that's the case, is there anything being printed in the bot debug?
  2. Can you please open a thread in https://community.tribot.org/forum/172-script-dispute/ That way the staff team can handle it appropriately
  3. Are you still having this issue? It seems like you must've got through on the website, but are you able to login to the client?
  4. Is this still an issue? Usually this is caused by a lag between when the last client closed and the server, it usually resolves itself within 15 minutes or so
  5. Currently, as a workaround you can call `Login.login(username, password)` which will use the passed credentials instead of the supplied ones. Mind you, the script would have to disable the login bot and manage the login process themselves
  6. You've been refunded, sorry for the delay!
  7. Are you using a Mac by chance? If so, try the latest installer created by Nullable (it's possible the downloads page hasn't been updated to reflect this new installer yet): https://tribot-updates.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/tribot-splash/v1.2.0/TribotInstaller.dmg
  8. I'm looking for the 5 digit number, likely starting with 2 or 3 from the email sent from Shopify
  9. @arilomaziWhat was your order number?
  10. @jbotter1513What's your order number for your purchase of this script?
  11. @arilomaziCan you provide screenshots (here or in a PM) of bugs that Beg has not responded to yet?
  12. After investigation this looks to be a bug in AccurateMouse, as it doesn't have the fallbacks the client has internally. Once the proper hover method is made public (on next release) I'll open a PR to Dax's repo to add in the fix.
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