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  1. Script needs options to reduce the delays / hang time ( not sure if thats intentional or not ) Will literally do nothing for minutes at a time. Players dont rest that much in minigames. - Seems to be going better on 2nd account a few weeks later. Still needs support for world hop list. If I'm going to bot twisted league tithe I'd hope that I could atleast hop to a twisted league world
  2. scripts busted. Random clicking outside of map. Gets stuck outside of door. nonsensical actions. spends way to long chopping / fletching. Does not respond quickly to fetching when interrupted by flinch. Will make it through rounds but is not very efficient.
  3. nBlast Mine Got my main 75-99 mining months ago with no ban ~100m profit and a very enjoyable part of the game over with..
  4. Sulliuscep has a few issues. 1) unsure why it doesnt take the mushroom ride back after final tree 2) it select mushrooms while dropping and gets stuck trying to reclick or something no idea. 3) turn the auto log off off. Just kill the bot and throw and error dont log out in .5 seconds. Took me several attempts starting the bot to sort out all of the static inventory requirements. 4) Would prefer to have my axe equiped if im not running dinhs bulwark 5) should support Saradomin brews 6) should drop sullicep caps and only keep fossils and 9 mushrooms. Ideal inventory
  5. nice I'll probably buy another 30 days just for the free 200k runecrafting exp from fossils. You should mention that tbh / pures slayer training.
  6. is there a way to set the seers teleport ? Found it in v3 over on the far right in the customize option. Might make sense to just make an additional seers option (w, w/o teleport) instead of having a course setting decoupled.
  7. bot breaking idling mouse positons almost looks like its bouncing between 4 positions, says picking up mouse, moving mouse and just keeps doing it.
  8. any support for Sulliuscep in the works? Edit- Solid script good response time from the author.
  9. is there a way to pay an upgrade fee and go from vip to vip-e?
  10. So I recently let my brother use my tribot account, I had to hand hold him through everything. he bots for what he says is like 5 hours based on levels closer I would say more like 10 hours over 2 days. Banned. I've botted for a fair bit on self made scripts. recently using the same one he was using a (premium), I suicide botted a fresh account 12 hours day one nothing.
  11. Depaul

    Zeah RC

    the problem is the pathway to being paid imo, I can write my own scripts and make a bot farm or produce free scripts for who knows how long and watch the script become potentially trackable/watered down. I think if there was incentive for free scripts you would see loads of scripts alternatively the quality could suffer but imo the solution is in premium scripters being compensated for quality checking free scripts etc in addition to incentivizing the creating of free scripts by new users/programmers.
  12. Id argue its a matter of the script being used. If you run a script without implemented abc2 and you dont use looking glass id bet you get banned as everything would just be a pattern with at most sleep wake patterns in random intervals. Even then ive been testing a script without abc2 implemented and im beggining to find patterns i.e. checking the same skill thats not being trained and the same misclick over and over and a variation of 3 or so mouse patterns.
  13. testing a tanning script I wrote atm havent gotten a good bit of exp/gp out of it so far but its pretty far from being complete.
  14. no need for a script just have an inventory method that does what your asking inside the code create a string [] of the items with withdraw [general.random(1-x)] if your going 1-1 etc. I mean maybe im undershooting a little but I dont think it'd be complicated todo what your asking and im just finishing up my first script.
  15. I've got the script up and running but I feel like the Looking glass AI is doing alot for me. How do I adjust mouse speed ? its entirely too fast atm. Also whats the best way of implementing a gui to pick options i.e. black , green, blue maybe a slider for mouse speed.
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