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  1. If you updated or auto updated to r94, a virus was downloaded to your computer. The latest update (R100) automatically removes the virus, but puush says to end puush.exe and check in AppData\Roaming\puush just to be safe, also to look for any sketchy processes. I'd recommend changing your passwords in case the virus was keylogging for as long as it was on your computer. Puush says they've ran it on sandboxie and confirmed that so far no "password data" was being transmitted, though they still recommend to change your passwords just to be safe. This is only for windows users. For more, https://twitter.com/puushme
  2. omg

    how to rwt 2147m?

    Definitely not staking, nope!
  3. If this is a pure that you like to play on and you are thinking about botting on it again after 2 consecutive 2-day bans, you are out of your mind.
  4. omg


    Jw, what did you do to get banned for "RWT"? Were you selling or buying?
  5. Looks nice, will be following this.
  6. I haven't used it yet since my last ban but I'll let you know once I start up the bots again in the future @JoeDezzy1
  7. omg

    Mule IP

    They already have your home IP since you've logged into it already Either way if it gets banned a chain ban will occur on your home IP if they investigate enough and it's broken goldfarming rules etc. (most likely...)
  8. I posted the spots, but I guess you overlooked it.. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/40377-35k-xph-400k-gph-low-reqs-abcl-10-aio-orb-crafter-699-life/page-18#entry533695 https://tribot.org/forums/topic/40377-35k-xph-400k-gph-low-reqs-abcl-10-aio-orb-crafter-699-life/page-18#entry534155
  9. Once you get a 2 day ban, it's over. Play legit or lose the account (usually).
  10. omg

    perm banned.

    That same script got me perm banned from 10-30 min of running it. It has too many bugs to be a premium script!
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